iPhone 5 vs. Canon 5D Mark III

I certainly don’t need a $4,000 camera, but a lot of people do.

  • I love these “tests”. There’s nothing more useless and pointless and even doing them shows you’re an utter and complete moron – “the iPhone takes worse photos”…NO SHIT, SHERLOCK….

    • adrianoconnor

      Um, I think that woosh up there is for you. Did you even read the linked page? Dustin wasn’t saying it that it’s crap because it isn’t as good as a 5D mk 3. Of course it’s not. He’s saying it takes remarkably good photos compared to what some would consider to be the best equipment out there right now.

      • “Did you even read the linked page?”

        Did you even read my post? Where do you think the “the iPhone takes worse photos” quote comes from? When you’re going to criticize, at least respect the person you’re criticizing enough to pay attention to what they write. Makes it easier.

        • adrianoconnor

          Hmmm, there now appears to be a whole sack-full of woosh, along with a good dose of dead horse beating. Well done.

  • I don’t use my Nikon D800 to send photos of the crabapple pie I had at Etta’s near Pikes Market in Seattle last week to send to my girlfriend. That’s what my iPhone 4S is for!

    And if my D800 had my photo stream built in, I still wouldn’t. Who needs a 36 megapixel shot of dessert? Swattin’ flies with a hammer comes to mind. 😛

  • The iPhone takes great pics for 99.9% of the user base. Put this guy in the 1%. 😀

  • How is harsh lighting even a good test? He really just “tested” spot metering. Even my iPhone4 meters pretty well. Image quality on the other hand…

    I’d say if you’re only taking pictures in bright daylight and you don’t need the creative freedom a fast lens gives, use your iCamera5. My 7D works great no matter where or when I use it.

  • Now, what you see is not a test — It’s a picture of a street And me, iPhone, and iPhone’s friends* are gonna act like it’s a feat.

    But. It’s. Not – it isn’t, no it isn’t No it is not, hey but you won’t stop.

    If he really wanted to test this properly – you know, to get, like, an accurate result – then he would have chosen a composition that was the same in both pictures for starters. Then he would have matched the focal length of the 5D’s lens to the iPhone’s lens, choosing a 33mm lens (or a zoom that can go to 33mm) instead of a 50mm lens.

    Then maybe, just maybe, he’d have offered some actual analysis of the results beyond saying it “stacks up”.

    No one shooting on a 5D is shooting on automatic to begin with, so you might as well do a comparison with a 5D and an iPhone 5 to see which is the better paperweight. Yes, a test like this (done properly) will show you how the iPhone 5 stacks up against a 5D set to automatic, but it doesn’t show you how the iPhone 5 compares to a 5D.

    *I love my iPhone, which is why I don’t go in for BS like this.

  • Oliver_caceres