Warren DeMartini Signature Charvel guitar

I don’t have a Charvel… yet.

  • Man, at $3,200 MSRP, that thing’d better have the finest fit & finish ever. Looks like about $800-worth of guitar, to me.

  • Rick DeNatale

    Hmm, Charvel that’s a name I haven’t heard in a while. I looked at the Wikipedia article on Charvel and noticed that in the early days they had a relationship with Schecter.

    I have a Schecter Strat which I bought new around 1984/5 from a dealer in either Durham or Chapel Hill NC (it was right on the border). I seem to recall being told that it had been a salesman’s demo unit, and it has the serial number A2200. I tried a bit of googling to try to find out a bit more about it but didn’t have much luck.

    If anyone has any hints on how to find out anything about this particular axe, I’d love to hear about it.