This is what HP designs when it doesn’t copy Apple

Funny to hear HP talk about how it designs sleek computers and they look just like a MacBook Air. However, When left on their own, this is what they put out.

  • Steven Fisher

    Not a bad design, actually.

    (Not great, though.)

  • Sleekbook? SLEEKBOOK?! ugh.

  • Mother Hydra

    See, this looks alright and it is decidedly un-apple in the design dept. They had a cool sleek mid tower so I’m just lost as to why everyone decided to ape the macbook air.

  • deviladv

    Barrage? BARRAGE???? Pfffft.

  • Meanwhile, if you have to call it “Sleekbook”, it probably isn’t sleek.

    • Agreed. Model names are often gross overcompensation. The loudest printer I ever used was an NEC SilentWriter.

  • pawhite524

    Nothing wrong with the look of the Toyota Camry until its design is compared with a Mercedes CLS. I’m the Camry guy who wishes his car looked like the CLS- what a beauty! And I agree 100% it is in the eye of the beholder. In this scenario HP= Camry school of design, Apple= CLS school of design.

  • I can’t see anything. So either HP has gone totally minimalist, or something is broken, or worse.

  • Now I click the link and it works. Grrr!

    I preferred it when I didn’t see anything 😀