Pangea updates games for iPhone 5

Pangea Software has announced the release of updates to nine of their iOS games to take advantage of the four-inch screen found on the new iPhone 5 and new iPod touch.

Air Wings, Bugdom 2, Cro-Mag Rally, Enigmo 2, Monkey Bongo, Nanosaur 2, Nucleus, Otto Matic and Warheads have all been updated, according to Pangea.

  • Mother Hydra

    I’m sure to catch hell for this, but their apps just struck me as amateurish in production value compared to just about every other gaming platform out there (known about them since ’98 i think). Maybe I just couldn’t transition from PC gaming back in the day (Half-Life, Fallout, Psychonauts etc) when I made the switch. I keep looking at their offerings but it feels so Kathy Griffin.

    • Tom Myers

      Yeah their offerings are actually pretty awful. Naive, underdeveloped, and not anywhere near as powerful or thoughtful as a lot of other stuff on the app store. It might have flown in the days when mac users typically were the huge minority, but I was hugely disappointed with each of their games. They felt childish and formulaic all the way through.