Incredible acoustic guitar solo

A reader sent this to me today. Very impressive playing.

  • Wow, nice.

  • Beautiful. I haven’t heard guitar playing like that since Michael Hedges died. (I’ll bet Mike Dawes hates hearing that, but there you go.)

    • stsk

      @SSteve – yeah, it does sound a little like MH, but still nice.

    • mycroftxxx

      Hedges was my first thought too. Saw him live three times, astounding each time (even on a double bill with 12-string god Leo Kottke, Hedges held his own).

      • I saw the Hedges/Kottke concert too. In Berkeley. If I remember correctly, Hedges played an electric guitar in the encore and we were all shocked. I probably saw Hedges a dozen times, including a couple shows at the Noe Valley Ministry which was a magical place. He was a hero of mine. I was devastated when I saw he died in a car crash. What a loss.

  • Looks like this guy learned a few things from Stanley Jordan and then went beyond.

  • William Scarvie

    Wow. I’ve never seen anything like it. So impressive.

  • John

    Oh my !!