iOS 6 release causes huge Web traffic spike

This massive increase in traffic was then sustained throughout most of the day, and actually escalated as people got home from work in the evening. This resulted in traffic from Apple’s servers yesterday being over 9 times their average traffic levels.

I can’t even begin to imagine how much traffic and data Apple pushed yesterday.

  • sethdillingham

    Wasn’t helped by the ridiculous number of iOS app updates. I think I had over 30.

    • Tedmac1

      It’s not ”ridiculous”, it’s called developers being lightning-quick to issue new versions to support the new OS. You should be happy. If you were Android you’d be waiting months to get new versions.

  • I believe the technical term is “a metric shit ton”.

  • iOS, Mountain Lion, apps on iOS and OS X, and Lion updates. They stressed some pipes yesterday. lol

  • Brian Cerveny

    And notice despite the vastly larger number of customers likely downloading both iOS 6 and OS X 10.8.2, at no time throughout the day was download performance affected. In past major updates if you didn’t get it early when it was opened up, you were waiting a long time for the download over choked networks.

    • Dennis

      I was thinking the same thing yesterday. If Apple needs any more proof that their data centers are capable of handling whatever their customers throw at it, this is it. iOS 6, OS X 10.8.2 and 10.7.5, not to mention the deluge of app updates. No reports of hiccups, delays, slowdowns, or anything. I imagine there are some pretty proud network engineers at Apple after yesterday.

      • No

        datacenter are not used for downloading software updates. all those files are distributed thru Akamai networks.

        Datacenters are for Siri, iTunes Match, iCloud, Map, iMessages, etc.

        • Steve Jobs

          so akamai engineers should be proud 😛