Retina strategy

Josh Centers has some interesting thoughts on Apple’s strategy for Retina displays and which products we should expect to see them in.

  • Though iMacs have been able to slowly eat away at the MacPro’s user base over the last 10 years, I think it would be nigh impossible to sell the remaining hold-outs in high end video and audio production on a Pro machine in an iMac form factor.

    The people still using MacPros need expansion, and lots of it. And though some peripherals that used to need PCI slots can now take advantage of Thunderbolt, there are lots of others where TB just doesn’t provide the bandwidth, and probably won’t for some time.

    I’ve posited that you could pair an iMac with an external mini “expansion tower”, but based on what I’ve been told TB will need to get to it’s 100GB/s optical limit before that becomes feasible, which might not be for 5-10 years.

    I’m interested as hell to see what Apple does release, but I don’t think and iMacPro is it.

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    Spot on.