Twitter for iPad’s suckiness


  • satcomer

    If my favorite Twitter third Party App gets block by Twitter I will just have to give up Twitter all together! I feel I am not alone with this feeling.

  • Everything I’m hearing about what Twitter’s doing to its user experience sounds to me as though they’re trying to flip the company.

  • They want you to use the website… that’s all there is to it. They’re killing all apps, including their own, because they want you to see everything exactly as they intend it (retain full control). It’ll be sad to see the slow but steady death of Twitter if they don’t reverse course.

    • lucascott

      I don’t think anyone really has a major issue with them wanting to control the experience. Kill off all the 3rd party apps etc if they wish.

      The issue is that they ‘fixed’ something that wasn’t broke. the UI in the official ipad app was actually extremely good, great even. This UI is shabby and they dropped multiple account support. Between personal and work I had 4 accounts in the old app. Now only the first one is there and I have to log out and log in to see all of them. That just isn’t practical.