Samsung users want an iPhone 5

A trivial question posted on Samsung Mobile’s official Facebook page has produced a ton of unexpected answers favoring Apple’s new iPhone 5.

“It doesn’t take a genius.”

  • Reminds me of the RNC promoted tweets. You wind up getting people who aren’t in your corner firing back; therefore, social media fail insues. lol

  • Sam Jacobs

    I’d take my Samsung fridge freezer. Does that make me a traitor?


  • I believe it’s the first time The Loop links to us. It’s an honor 🙂

  • To be fair though, no other phone maker would attract so many Apple users to leave comments on this simply to make them look bad.

  • Mannycarrasquillo

    Love my apple baby, iPhone 5 you going to be mine soon, I love you 4s but you are going to my wife hands soon. Don’t worry she will love you as much I did 🙂