Mrs. Jesus Christ

Well now, this adds a little twist to things.

  • Fun Fact: It has been long speculated in certain theological circles (I believe I first read about this in a book by retired bishop John Shelby Spong) that the wedding at which the supposed miracle of the loaves and fishes occurred was, in fact, Jesus’ wedding.

  • pawhite524

    A the risk of this being an opinion that alienates on religious grounds, I personally believe Jesus must have been married. My rationale? Try this on for size. In Jesus’ time there were only what are now considered orthodox/ultra orthodox Jews. No one in that community would have taken a 30-ish year old man seriously, especially one with anti-Sadducee (sp?), that is, anti-Priests of temple dogma, if he was so out of the mainstream as to reject marriage. Marriage by the age of 15 years old was common and death of a spouse meant re-marriage after the period of mourning. So, even if Jesus was a widower when the Bible stories begin there would have tremendous pressure to re-marry. He just would not have fit in with the other disciples to the point people would follow him and pledge there allegiance to improving Judaism.

    Obviously I was not there and have had no divine intervention to clarify this for me. Jesus facing intense pressure from the Temple Priests and the Romans is well documented. Having no social status in a very orthodox Jewish society because he was not married or, would not marry, is not mentioned in any Gospel to my recollection.

    I apologize in advance if my statement of belief offends anyone who has held the view of the never married Jesus that is clearly the mainstream opinion.

    • Steven Fisher

      I think you summed it up nicely, actually.

      • pawhite524

        Thank you.

    • David Reiter

      Offence is in the ears that hear it.

      By the way, there is no God, Jeebers or Holy Goat, so all of this is fantastical speculation on a fantasy.

      But, if it lines your personal ducks up in a neat row, knock yourself out and believe it. As long as it doesn’t interfere wtgh my life and liberty, i don’t really care.

      • pawhite524

        Thank you for taking the time to reply.

  • As I understand it, scripture about Jesus was written five centuries after his death, assembled from five-century-old oral tradition and heavily edited.

    Has anyone here ever played a game of “telephone”?

    • Dennis

      Actually the earliest copies of manuscripts of the New Testament (the part of the Bible that was written by Jesus’ followers and tells his story) are carbon dated to less than 50 years of when he was alive, with many less than 150 years. In addition to that, copies of manuscripts that were written hundreds of years later are accurate when compared to the older copies. The monks and scribes who copied it took their jobs quite seriously.

      • Anonymous

        And still there were mistakes made.. Words misspelled or inaccurately translated (sometimes a word can not be translated and retain the correct meaning).. I am certain that over the past 2 millennia, this happened enough to change some of what was written originally to maybe even say the opposite of the original! Add to that the dealings of the vatican and popes controlled by monarchs and I don’t know how much can still be trusted without a full and confirmed original copy of everything..

        • pawhite524

          Hence the old joke, “No it said ‘Celebrate in Christianity, not Celibate in Christianity!”

          On a more serious note and to support your comment it is widely held the translation of the 10 Commandments from Aramaic to Hebrew to Greek to Latin resulted in “Thou shall not kill” from “Thou shall not murder.” “Thou shall not murder” is far more consistent with other writings in the Five Books of Moses (Leviticus, Deuteronomy, etc), a.k.a. to millions as the Old Testament.

  • Would something I wrote today add a “twist” to the life of someone in 1712? No? Then this discovery of a 4th century manuscript fragment is really nothing.