Samsung takes aim at Apple in new ad

I think Samsung forgot one:

“Stolen from Apple.”

  • Buckeyestar

    Convenient how they ignore iPhone features while touting their own minor features and things like turn over to mute.

    • Umm…it is a Samsung ad. You really expect it to be a fair comparison? 🙂

  • I’m very confused why companies think this sort of thing is going to work. People, honestly, do not care at all about these kinds of checklists.

    My mom and brother love, absolutely love, their iPhones. Not because of the specs but because of how good is feels and how easy it is to use. The phones just FEEL good both in the hand and in use. Those are the sorts of things that people will come back for, not some minor little spec increase, but an experience that is markedly better.

    A bigger part of that is that you can walk into any Apple Store and get service (or just a simple question answered). No one WANTS to go to their cell carrier for service because they know it is going to be terrible because it isn’t the carrier’s phone, they are just doing their best.

    This ad is a waste of time and money.

  • It Doesn’t Take a Genius to Preach to Your Own Choir.

  • I for one am glad Samsung et al just don’t get it and stick to the spec lists. Well, except the part where Samsung had that 140-page document that tried to copy the FEEL of the iPhone OS. Which worked for them – hey look how many phones they sell now. But if they go back to spec sheets and stop copying the feel, I’ll be super-happy because, you know, I own Apple stock and that will go waaaaay up.

    So thanks Samsung et al for just not getting it.

    • Samsung does get it actually. Their audience does care about specs, gigabytes of RAM, storage, camera tech, geeky stuff. They want to remind the Android faithful why their product is still better than the Apple product getting hyped up everywhere, for those maybe considering switching to iPhone instead of buying the latest Samsung devices. They are not going to waste their time marketing to Apple fanatics who need to see that sacred fruity logo on every gadget they buy.

      • You of course fail to see why Apple fanatics are such. The specs of the iPhone 5 are good but they aren’t the reason we buy an iPhone. It’s the experience and ecosystem. As long as the specs are a move forward, it doesn’t have to be the most powerful. Also remember iOS is customized for the iPhone in ways Android can’t be for the devices it is loaded on. But keep telling yourself it’s about fanatics, and miss the reasoning why.

  • Not the S3. It looks nothing like an iPhone.

  • Chuck

    “Direct Call” This sounds awesome! No idea what it is supposed to be though, pretty sure calling people directly was the first feature of the phone ever.

  • DT

    Samsung forgot a few of the S3’s awesome features:

    Power button! Speakers! Volume Control!

    But wait, there’s even more:

    Displays things on the screen! Does stuff!

    That ad almost feels like a Ronco product …

  • To whom is this ad aimed? Do they really think anyone who is buying an iPhone is going to be swayed by an arbitrary feature checklist?