Not relevant

John Gruber on Dan Lyons’ latest article. The simple truth is, Lyons is not relevant so he posted stupid articles to get pageviews. Higher traffic doesn’t make you relevant, you still sound stupid.

  • DOH! lmbo! Tell us how you really feel! 😀

  • You are one spiteful dude, Jim.

  • MacsenMcBain

    Unfortunately, the only way to really be rid of a troll requires chopping it up into small pieces and burning. (I think that was it- haven’t consulted the old Monster Manual in many a year.)

    • quietstorms

      Just don’t click on the link bait. Sites will eventually get the idea that they shouldn’t hire him.

  • lucascott

    It was clearly labeled as an opinion article and like it or not he has a right to his opinion.

    Just like any of us has a right to ask the BBC for the ‘floor’ to give a rebuttal opinion. It would be best coming from someone with some clout, like another major blogger. The BBC might actually post some thing from a known blog, at least faster than they might from some unknown

  • Mother Hydra

    Why let it bother you? Maybe all this apple hate is old hat for this jaded under-god, but I’m just thinking “second verse, same as the first.” Was the mac, then OS X, now its the iPhone or iPad depending on the week.

    Many years ago people decried the Mac saying willfully ignorant things like shut the company down and give the stock back. Sure. Reasoned response there. So Lyons strikes me as another useless cynic that doesn’t quite get Apple. None of them particularly like where the APPL market cap sits, and this is there effort to try and discredit them because we all know APPL doesn’t actually create anything. right? RIGHT?!