Apple comments on Lightning adapter

There was some confusion about the which Lightning adapter is included with the iPhone 5. I contacted Apple today to get some clarification.

“The Lightning to 30-pin adapter does not come in the box with iPhone 5. It is sold separately,” Apple spokesperson, Natalie Harrison, told The Loop. “However, the Lightning to USB cable does come with iPhone 5 for connection to AC chargers and other devices.”

So, there it is. You do get the USB cable with the new iPhone.

Update: I changed USB adapter to USB cable to just clarify what’s included.

  • Zac

    As in the phone charger? Not really an adaaapter… nor the one people will need to use their old accessories.

    • gjgustav

      True, but that’s ok. Lots of people don’t even have old accessories. The phone should come with what it needs to function on its own.

  • I didn’t order one at 1:15 AM because Apple told me it included one. Lame….now I have to wait until October to buy one? Nasty.

    • Trippie

      Nasty? Get a grip. The adapter’s were never in stock and have always said shipping in October.

  • brimayo

    Not surprised, although it would’ve been a nice gesture for Apple to include an adapter. God knows how many dock connector devices one person has at home, work or in their car.

    • Trippie

      This include’s a DAC (digital to analog converter), so it’s not as cheap to produce as it looks and it would be wasteful for people who don’t need it.

      • brimayo

        That makes sense. I guess I’m just a bit bitter shelling out $29 for all my numerous devices to work with it (like most people).

  • Yeah, calling it a “USB adapter” isn’t right. The Lightning-to-USB cable is not an adapter at all, and calling it one just adds to the confusion.

  • Weird. The product specs page says “Lightning to USB Cable” is included:

    Some people just want to be confused.

  • crustyjusty

    So, I assume they’re going to include an AC adapter in the box?

  • Who was confused about getting a cable to charge your new phone, like every single phone Apple has ever sold?

  • kvanh

    if you have iphone “docks” (e.g. something that holds your phone verticle while docked) the adapter isn’t going to work for you anyway, you can’t put a phone on top of that adapter and insert it into a dock. So most alarm clock thingies are out. I have 2 i probably won’t be able to use anymore.

    I’ve really only got 1 device i can use it with, my amplifier has a short cable that plugs into a 30-pin connector. I should be able to add an adapter to that.

  • Furosuto81

    Why would anyone think they were going to get, or expect to get the adapter free? When was the last time Apple included such a thing with a device? C’mon people.

    • MacsenMcBain

      Agreed. Apple, like any other tech company, changes interfaces as better technologies come along. Remember ADB, and the old 8-pin serial cables? SCSI and the 400Mbps FireWire connectors? Anyone who’s been buying Apple gear for more than a few years knows that new hardware may not work with existing accessories.

      And there are plenty of old, inexpensive 30-pin-compliant iPods and iPhones out there on the secondary market (or in my case, in the nightstand or a desk drawer) that you can plug into your favorite alarm clock instead. Why limit yourself to one device?

    • jisk

      I had my shopping cart all loaded up and ready to go and then removed the adapter from my shopping cart because during the checkout process as it said the phone already comes with one.


      • Clarkeck

        Same here. I also deleted the adapter from the shopping cart. Now my second order is for <$100 and as a result, subject to the shipping fee. It’s not much. But it’s the principle of it all. Meh.

  • Dan

    The reason people assumed it would be included is that during the order process, next to the up-sell options for “Additional Lightning to 30-pin Adapter”, there was text that expressly said that:

    “Your iPhone includes a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter for connection 30-oin accessories to devices featuring the Lightning connector. Purchase this additional adapter to have a second adapter for your home or office.”

    That’s a bit more than an oversight – clearly at some point they were going to include it and changed their minds prior to launch. Fair enough that it’s a mistake and has now been removed, but it’s also reasonable for early preorder customers to have made that assumption when the text is so explicit.

    • Jasper

      I do not believe that they changed their mind at all. It looks as if the text was a botched copy/paste job from the text for the USB cable.

  • Dan

    … and as to when has Apple included such adapters for free – they included 4-pin Firewire adapters with the original couple of generations of iPods, and both USB and Firewire cables when they transitioned to USB-only starting from the 4th generation iPod.

    • Jasper

      Passive adapters, yes, they’ve included those for free at times. An active adapter — this thing holds a DAC for the analog audio, another chip for the serial port, etc — they haven’t.

  • ort888

    It’s a little annoying that we have to wait until October. I need that adaptor to make my phone work with my car stereo.

  • @holamau

    There’s a link on the product page. “what’s in the box”. It describes it accurately. A “USB power adapter” (the little cube which will be the same as your old power adapters) and a “Lightning to USB cable”. Similar to what previous. Versions said: a “Dock connector to USB cable”.

    Keep calm and carry on.

  • Miguel_thunderbird

    Yeah i saw that too, but just because they have the add on the previews page i tough that it some how still coming on the same package

  • Miguel_thunderbird

    You know i dont really care much i can always buy one if i relly need it but i do think tha is a shame for apple having that kind of mistakes.

  • AppleGirl

    I love Apple but I HATE how cheap they are not to include atleast 1 30pin – lightning adapter with the sale of the iPhone 5. The Adapter guaranteed costs apple less than a dollar to manufacturer yet they’ll take any chance they can to rape you by charging you $35.00 per Adapter. I love you Apple…but I really hope the next few years are harsh as Samsung sinks their claws in.

    • goal

      impressive things from apple

  • AppleGirl