Apple ‘blown away’ by response to the iPhone 5

Apple on Friday responded to customer demand for the new iPhone announced at an event earlier this week.

“Pre-orders for iPhone 5 have been incredible,” said Apple spokeswoman, Natalie Kerris. “We’ve been completely blown away by the customer response.”

The iPhone 5 goes on sale Friday, September 21, 2012 for $199 and $299 in 16GB and 32GB models respectively. A 64GB model is also available for $399. Preorders began today.

  • Canucker

    The only people who are surprised are the idiots who reported that the iPhone 5 event was a snorefest. Meanwhile, back on planet earth….

  • supertino

    It’s like I’m having a Deja Vu that I watched Groundhog Day All Over Again in an Infinite Loop.

  • khakionion

    A depressing number of my peers complained that the iPhone 5 had no NFC, and actually saw it as a bad sign for iPhone/Apple’s health. sigh

    • The abbreviated version:

      “A depressing number of my peers… had… NFC.”

      Where NFC means “no fucking clue”)

    • More likely its absence from the iPhone 5 is a bad sign for NFC’s health.

      • I guess NFC fanboys will have to make it happen though The Power of Android™ alone

    • Emily

      I don’t think it’s reflective of Apple’s health whatsoever, but I do wish the iPhone 5 had NFC.

      • Dave

        In japan they have phones with nfc and they have criminals going around robbing transit and bank cash from them via other near field devices – so it’s not a rosy world of fun

        No doubt Android’s ‘open’ app store will aloow plenty scammer apps come in and make near field experience be something closer to hell than heaven…

        I guess we will see.

  • Rnrobertnordgren

    Everytime Apple releases a new product some people insist on saying it’s the beginnig of the end. Why won’t they understand the reason behind Apple’s numbers…

  • 007james


  • Slurpy2k11

    As usual, the real world responds inversely to how the internet responded, showing again how clueless and out of touch it is with the real world. BORING. PATHETIC UPDATE. IM FINISHED WITH APPLE. LOL PLAYING CATCH UP WITH ANDROID. THEY BARELY CHANGED ANYTHING. APPLE IS DOOMED. WHERES THE INNOVATION. STEVE JOBS WOULD BE ROLLING…. you get the picture. And this, from supposedly reputable news/technology sites. Not just trolls.

    Meanwhile, this thing is going to shatter every sales record known to man. And then some. But hey, don’t worry, we’ll go through the same thing again next year at the 5S launch, and the same people will be saying the same shit, not feeling a bit of shame or embarrassment for being wrong, every time, all the time. But hey, as long as they’re getting payed for it, like hacks like Dan Lyons who’s made a following of bashing Apple as a ‘tech columnist’ with Newsweek. Unfortunately, it seems being right or wrong has no bearing on the careers of these people.

    • Dvoros

      Yeah, maybe the iPhone 5S will be a new phone. The iPhone 5 is a knock-off of the 4S. Perhaps we will finally see a 5 inch screen so we can actually read something from the ‘net.

  • Merckel

    The insecurity of phandroids is eclipsed only by their dislike for Apple. Why, who knows. It’s like Apple has insulted their mother or something. Never have I seen a more juvenile group making so much noise over – wait for it – an iPhone!

    Enjoy your phandroids in silence, please. For the record, though –since we’re sharing– I wouldn’t want a Sammy Galaxy if McDonalds dropped that plastic POS inside a happy meal.

    • Steven Fisher

      The Health Department might have a problem with that.

  • Steven Fisher

    Imagine if it had a dock connector!

    … … … …

    I’m kidding. Please don’t kill me.

  • No

    iPhone 4s was 1 million pre-order with 4 million in first 3 days. so 5’s numbers better be whole lot bigger.

    • Shares at all time highs

      iPhone 4S Pre-orders sold out in 20 hours if I recall. iPhone 5 took about an hour. Pretty impressive…

  • Npalana

    I am an ex apple employee. They serve a lot of Apple koolaid, even worse are the fanboys who are never happy. Instead of waiting for the next big thing, go meet a girl, guy or whatever you are into. IT’S JUST A PHONE! That being said… I will enjoy my iPhone 5 next week! Cheers!

    • Dave

      Every company has its Koolaid – BMW drivers, Ford and Chevvy truck owners, the Asians who go nuts over Honda and Sony, you could make a long list.

      Apple Koolaid? Well I don’t see it s anything bad, or different, all the Apple hate seems to be from those at the Samsung Koolaid, since HTC Koolaid is harder to find nowadays….

      So what’s the difference? The make fund of being at Apple’s but to drink gallons of Samsung is somehow cooler?


      You’re right it’s only a phone, and despite the geeks knocking it! I prefer the quality build and whole eco system of Apple – and that’s my choice…. I couldn’t care if it has a dual over head cam 16 cylinder cpu like some Android koolaid addicts, it’s the whole package I look at and it has to be good quality, not feeling like a lump of cheap plastic in my head as Samsung likes to do.