iPhone 5 won’t support simultaneous voice and data on Verizon or Sprint

The Verge:

The Verge has confirmed with Verizon Wireless that the iPhone 5 won’t support the feature when it’s on the carrier’s cellular network, even if it is connected to LTE. Since Apple says that Sprint and Verizon will be offering the same version of the iPhone 5, it’s safe to say that simultaneous voice and data will not be available on Sprint’s network either.

Well, that sucks and might be a dealbreaker for some folks looking to switch from AT&T.

  • That makes my decision easier. Simultaneous voice and data is much more important to me than giving up my unlimited data plan for FaceTime over cell.

  • justin_horn

    But Verizon and Sprint have 58% less dickiness!!! So there’s that.

  • MacsenMcBain

    That does suck. I was under the impression (from analysis back at the time of the Verizon iPhone debut) that LTE would get them past this limitation. Better luck next year/next iPhone, I suppose…

  • Canucker

    Guess that LTE isn’t necessarily LTE. But we knew that. Wonder which LTE Samsung will sue Apple over? Doubtless the cloned plastic, crappy, bitter version.

  • Tecsi

    Huge loss for Verizon in pulling over AT&T customers

  • Canucker

    It was apparently a design decision by Apple according to the NYT as they’d have had to add a third antenna for CDMA in addition to two for LTE. Samsung LTE phones do this (but only have one LTE antenna). Also requires an extra chip. Wonder if this relates to patents? Not going to help Verizon iPhone 5 sales, for sure.

  • Kenm

    Correct me if I’m wrong, from what I understand it’s not a issue with the iPhone hardware per-say, but a limatation of the Verizon and Sprint networks that can’t support the simultaneous voice and data transfers protocols?

    I had also thought of going with Verizon with the iPhone 5 but looks as if AT&T will still be my provider like it has been with my other iPhones.

    To bad, I really wanted to try Verizon this time around, but i still have an iPad 2 that’s AT&T so maybe sometime in the future a change may happen.