TechCrunch Disrupt iPhone 5 panel discussion video

Here is the video of the panel discussion I did this afternoon at TechCrunch Disrupt with John Gruber, Tim Stevens, Jason Snell and MG Siegler.

  • Cameron Bales

    I can’t believe TechCrunch would disrupt your panel. Don’t they fear the beard?

  • Michael

    No video here on my iPhone. Just a blank screen. Dang nabbit!

  • Erik Veland

    Is there an audio only version of this?

  • Matt

    iPad no working.

  • Rian van der Merwe

    Really enjoyed that – thanks for posting.

  • Seurahepo

    Needs Flash, nice. Will they ever learn?

  • Zac Hall

    Churchkey beer in MG’s hand LOL

  • Zac Hall

    Oh wait, everyone has one haha!

  • Prk60091

    in flash only

  • John C. Bland II

    “It’s no Galaxy Note.” HAHA. Hilarious.

  • Abelardo Cecena

    what are they drinking?

  • kibbles

    a tech disruption video that only works in Flash and thus not on the most disruptive mobile devices in existence. well done.

  • mikiyas

    flash only? really? aren’t all the people in this discussion bitterly opposed to flash? #sigh

  • Manbearpig

    I bet this video is great. Too bad I can’t watch it. Flash is the best!

  • John C. Bland II

    All you Flash commenters, did you hear? Zuck declared HTML5 dead. ;-)

  • Ben Randolph

    Doesn’t work on iPad


    I just watched the video on my iPad using the Puffin Web Browser App. It allows you to watch Flash video on the iPad via server side proxying transcoding.

    Seamless and worked great.

  • Kevin Behringer

    Seeing your drink, Jim, I wondered when Heineken started making a blue can…