Hands on with the iPhone 5

After Apple’s event finished I got a few minutes with the new iPhone 5, so I thought I’d give you a few pictures and some first impressions.

What was important to me for an updated iPhone was the larger screen. However, making a larger screen does come with its drawbacks if it’s not done right. Specifically, if you can’t operate it with one hand, it might be a difficult sell for a lot of people.

I’m happy to report that I was able to operate the iPhone 5 with ease using one hand. That means I was able to reach the top of the screen with my thumb, change options and navigate through the screens without having to reach uncomfortably.

The other point with the size is being able to fit the iPhone in your pocket. I wasn’t able to give that a try, but judging from the pictures, I think it will be fine.

The screen is brilliant as you might expect being a Retina display. It will be nice watching a 16:9 movie on a screen that was designed to fit the picture.

Here are a few pictures of the iPhone 5 and the iPhone 4s for comparison.

Thanks to MG Siegler for holding the iPhones for me.

  • Any word on whether MG Siegler will support NFC soon?

  • Santab111

    excited about the new iPhone. Unfortunately will have to wait till middle of January to get full AT&T discount…

  • When I see tech like this, I always wonder, “Was there a woman on the design team?” The pockets in our jeans are often more shallow. Trying to figure out whether I want to order on day 1 or wait until I can try one out at the store.

    • Mother Hydra

      Haven’t you heard? There are no women on the internet. Problem solved!

  • Emery

    I’m so happy that all the iPhone 5 rumors can be laid to rest now! I’ve heard so many different things, so it’s nice to see the two rumors I was voting for are true. I’m most excited about the larger screen though, because I do like to use a lot of movie and TV apps like Dish Remote Access. That larger screen and 4G speeds are going to make watching my favorite shows on the go just that much more awesome, and really come in handy when I’m traveling for my job at Dish. Thanks for including the pictures too; it’s definitely nice to see it in comparison to what I have now with the 4s. Is it already able to be pre-ordered? I want one of these ASAP! 🙂

    • Pre-ordering starts on the 14th.