A totally original design by HP

Nope, never seen anything like this before in my life.

  • That’s a clone of the Vizio, right?

  • samrijver

    I know you are big on laptops but maybe you should checkout the iMac peripherals. Just saying

  • Zeatrix

    Seriously HP?

  • “Invent.”

  • DaveDischord

    Now everyone will look like they have an Apple and no one can distinguish the hipsters from the “normies”. I’d cut my wrist in disgust if it wasn’t so mainstream.

  • D Pauw

    So HP was telling the truth when they said they were getting out of the Windows PC business.

  • DT

    For a second I thought the KB and trackpad were photoshopped in … FFS, really HP?

  • I guess there’s always the possibility that they paid Apple to license the trade dress…

    Yeah, who are we kidding?!!!

  • Fudgebody

    Wow, just wow… At first I thought the Apple wireless keyboard and Magic trackpad were put in the foreground to poke fun at how much the computer looks like an iMac. Then I realized that those aren’t Apple peripherals…

    I think the keyboard and trackpad (and mouse) are even more blatant ripoffs than the computer itself. Shameless.