Judge: iPhone 4 owners can’t sue over broken glass

Jeff John Roberts for GigaOm:

The lawsuit was brought by California man Betsalel Williamson who had to replace the screen of his brand new iPhone after he knocked it off the arm of a chair, resulting “in spider cracks across the back glass panel.”

The judge ruled that Williamson failed to demonstrate that Apple breached its warranty or violated laws in California by stating that the glass was “ultradurable.” He said that it’s a fact of life that glass breaks when it’s impacted. The judge threw out the case.

  • Canucker

    I will ceremonially smash my iPhone in protest. Oh, wait…. In other news , man who built glass house sues stone makers.

  • Some people never cease to amaze me.

  • What a waste of the court’s time. I’d love to meet the lawyer who argued Williamson’s case and test him for cognitive function.

  • Joe

    The glass in the iphone does easily break. I have three that have broken on me. Apple stopped using Gorilla glass after the initial release but it appears it will be back for the iphone 5.

    • joe

      Source? …didn’t think so…

    • kibbles

      sounds like you need to stop drinking.