Shit Apple fanatics say

If you can’t laugh at yourself…

  • gjgustav

    As an Apple user, that’s hilarious. Especially the “Gestures” bit.

    The right-click bit is a little outdated though.

  • Hahaha, “as long as he sticks with great people like John Browett”.

  • It’s funny. About 2 minutes longer than it needs to be to get the joke across, but funny.

  • “They love working 18 hour days, it is part of their culture”

  • Too funny! I hope that’s not me…

  • that could be me…

  • I wish they would have gotten @marcoarment to do this.

  • All true.

  • Thea


  • Lucas

    Yeah, I totally see myself saying those things 😉

  • Yeah! Filmed in Austin!

  • Moe_mcb

    I find mac books beyond frustrating- I want my IBM Thinkpad back!

  • Hmmm. I didn’t laugh. Most of that would have been funnier ten years ago. Plus the dude’s a total dork.