Apple announces special event for September 12

Check out our live coverage of the event.

Apple on Tuesday sent out invites for an upcoming event happening in San Francisco on September 12, 2012. The invitation I received says the event will take place at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts at 10:00 am.

It is widely expected that Apple will announce its next generation iPhone at the event.

  • lapfelix

    We want an image!!!!

    • lapfelix

      And we got an image! hahaha

      • narg

        And, I’m not saying what I’m seeing… 😉

        • Nope, 5 new form factors to simultaneously go head-to-head with Samsung and satisfy Ars’ ridiculous “10 things”

  • Is there something special to see on the artwork of the invite? I guess a huge part of all the iOS users would love to speculate/analyze all those stupid things they might see in the invite.

    • EducatedToPerform

      I’ve tried to post a link to a zoomed in version.

      If you look at the gap in the shadow, in-between the 1 and the 2, which breaks up the 5 – you can see that it looks like a transparent, raised, iPhone.

  • Nice 5 shadow.

    • Ano

      great observation

      • kibbles

        not really considering it’s 1/3 of the image.

        • Great sense of sarcasm.

          • Freud Daboonker

            not really, because it actually is 1/3 of the image.

  • Time for the idiots to start overanalyze the invite is what is sure to be some of the worst kremlinology ever.

    • Just relax and enjoy the show. I really enjoy that part when some fans try to decode these invites just like the Revelations book. Sometimes they are really hilarious.

      • Guest

        Yeah, how stupid do you have to get to look for clues in an invitation… oh, wait, what’s that in the shadow? Is it a number five??

        • Juan23

          First of all, the people who actually have to ask whether or not the shadow is a 5 are complete idiots. Of course it’s a five. Second, the apple haters have their heads so firmly planted in their rears that they’re too busy calling names to CLEARLY see that it’s a 5. Third, I love apple, but what a lame ass invitation. They have more wit than what that invite communicates.

          • Player_16

            I REALLY don’t understand your ‘lame ass invitation’ comment. It’s just an invite stating a ‘possible’ obvious -like when they introduced the iPad 2 with the cover; the spotlight invite; the latest creation invite; the lion peeking thru an opening invite; the iPad touch invite; 1,000 songs in your pocket invite; the Big Apple invite; the guitar invite; the landmark event invite; the first 30 years invite; there’s something in the air invite; the one more thing invite…

  • Ahp0003

    iPhone 5 it is then!

    • Derrankyle

      or apple are announcing five new products? iphone 6th gen iPod 5th gen new ipod nano iPad mini and a new ipod shuffle

      • anononononononono

        More like iPhone 6th gen, iPod Touch 5th gen, iPad Mini, MacBook 13in and new iMac

        • More like this:

          iPhone 5 iPad Mini iPod Touch 5G iPod Nano 7th gen iPod Shuffle 5th gen

      • dshan

        It’s more likely that Apple would present the audience with the five horsemen of the apocalypse than five such disparate new products.

        There is no way on earth Apple are going to muddle up the introduction of the biggest and most profitable product in their history, heck of the whole tech industry’s history, by dumping a bunch of other products on-stage with it.

        This event is for the iPhone 5 alone

  • Y

    5 shadow!!

  • Dan

    The 5 shadow has to mean iPhone 5, right?

    • Nope, 5 new form factors to simultaneously go head-to-head with Samsung and satisfy Ars’ ridiculous “10 things” piece.

      (Alternate response: 5 inch screen.)

      • Scott Smith

        5 inch screen? Please, no.

        • It’s 4″, 640×1136.

          • Scott Smith

            I know. A 5″ screen would be the worst.

    • Derrankyle

      or apple are announcing five new products? iphone 6th gen iPod 5th gen new ipod nano iPad mini and a new ipod shuffle

      • Scott Smith

        Not way on earth. Also, nice grammar.

        • Probably not on the same event, but they sure will release those within a month!

    • Steven Fisher

      It means the next iPhone, certainly.

      As for it being named the iPhone 5… probably, but not necessarily. The image could just be a teaser about the next iPhone.

      But yeah, it’s probably called “iPhone 5.”

  • Kay

    doubt it’s real.

    • MonsterMoshi

      Did you read the article?

  • Daniel Varnis


  • Guest

    hahaha, i would laugh if the iPhone doesn’t come out at all.

    • Yeah, that’s probably why Apple is inviting the world press now – to tell them that the iPhone doesn’t come out at all. sigh You anti-Apple trolls have hit a new all-time low.

      • well…allegedly there may be a smaller form factor ipad, an iphone, maybe some ipod refreshes. so it could feasibly be 5 apple products. having said that it’s probably an iphone 5. don’t see how it is anti-apple to speculate that it might not be an iphone – it is perfectly possiblt as apple have been pretty covert and misleading in the past.

        • EducatedToPerform

          It’s not at all likely that the ‘iPhone doesn’t come out at all’ given all the information, leaks, and historical precedent. Don’t defend a troll.

          To be clear – he isn’t suggesting an alternative meaning for the 5 – he’s suggesting that no iPhone is released.

    • Antnyc77

      Its so funny on how many numb nutz hate pn apple they are the originators of it all ive had android before and personaly its a kids operating system so all the iphone haters kick rocks and hush up already……

  • Adriano Geletes


  • Thomas Ferraro

    It’s obvious: shadow of a 5 == 5 o’clock shadow == the new iPhone will have a edge sharp enough to use as a razor…

    • deviladv

      nonono… it’s 5, as in it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, meaning it will have a beer opener and come preloaded with Jimmy Buffet songs!

    • Sam Jacobs

      Well that’d certainly beat a smartphone that you can use to slice cheese!


  • quietstorms

    I’m surprised The Loop hasn’t mentioned the AntiSec story. I was expecting Apple to release announcements for the new iPhone this week but this pales in comparison to the FBI gathering info on people across the globe.

  • techtock

    Finally we know what we already know.:) Thanks Jim

  • CrabbitGit

    Its about dang time Apple released a 125cc city scooter.

    Enough of their lame old last season phones and computers, hipster city scoots its where its at.

  • crustyjusty

    I had the boys down in forensics analyze the shadow. Apparently, the shape and size of the lightly hued portion of the 5 shadow is the exact dimensions of the new screen. Or not.

  • Adriano Geletes

    Maybe it will be called iPhone 12?!

    • …and it will be presented tomorrow 😉

      • Adriano Geletes


  • It’s what everybody was waiting for. The Loop got it first and some where from now a new iMac is on the horizon!! Back to the big event on September 12 2012 we are all going to see what the new iPhone looks like.

  • Totally nit-picking, but if this is going to be the “new iPhone” (a la iPad numbering/naming convention) then they shouldn’t have shown a number 5 in the marketing message – inconsistency!

  • Real question is when will it ship and will it have iOS 6 in it? I don’t see how iOS 6 would not be in it… even if iOS OTA upgrades are now much easier. So, announcement on the 12th, and simultaneous launch of iPhone 5 and iOS 6?

    • If like before…. iOS 6 will ship 2-3 days before the new iPhone, so as the servers aren’t hit all at the same time as sign up/registration/new app buying, and the new iPhone will not support an iOS lower than 6.0.0

  • The next iphone is 3d.

  • iPhone 5 : Apple announces special event for September 12!!!

  • 哈哈哈哈, 總算要出了, 希望不要令我失望啊

  • stefano druetta

    it looks a little fake.. each graphic element has a slight left alignment, while the pay-off looks slightly right-aligned to the number 12. i don’t know, i really don’t see why they should name it “iphone 5” whilst naming as “6” the next iOS which will supposedly start shipping on the sixth generation iphone. i won’t take this for real until i see and hear mr. cook waving the new gadget.. 😀

  • ohohoh~

  • Adriano Geletes

    Where is “here”?

  • It’s so obvious… Apple has received a patent on the number 5, and are going to sue every phone and keyboard maker ever.

  • Thomasman

    Even as the sun goes down. The battery has enough power to shave your 5 o’clock shadow with the new iPhone

  • I’m not really too excited about the iPhone 5. I don’t really like iOS 6, especially the new maps app. I prefer Google’s street view and I don’t want to give up transit directions. I only upgraded to a 4S because I needed a 64G iPhone. I probably won’t upgrade to an iPhone 5.

    On the other hand, I really want an iPad Mini. I love the 7″ form factor.

    • Adriano Geletes

      So don’t!

  • I wonder if the new iPhone will speed-up AT&T’s plan to get everyone on the new Shared Data plans.

    • If they try that it will speed-up my plan to get OFF of AT&T

      • And go where? Verizon already eliminated all plans (you either go Shared Data or Pre-Paid).

        • Well, looks like I am going to T-Mobile…. My speeds have DRAMATICALLY dropped over the last year (I am on a 4S, I was seeing 7-9 MBits in Seattle, now I am lucky if I push 3 as AT&T repurposes the “4G” GSM for LTE. My friends who have taken their iPhone 4 to T0Mo0bile see faster speed than I see on AT&T with my 4S, and I OWN my 4S outright, and on T-Mobile I won’t need to pay AT&T a freakin’ subsidy….

  • Popkrull

    Look the shadow is a 5 meaning iphone 5 lol!

  • TheOldSchool

    Everyone is so “product focused.”

    My guess is that Apple is going to announce that December 5th is almost here.

  • Buckeyestar

    If Apple calls this the iPhone 5, as insinuated by the shadow, I will laugh maniacally at all who swore it would never be so.

  • The 5 doesn’t not refer to the number of the iPhone. There have already been 5 iPhones. How do people keep getting that wrong?

    • Adriano Geletes

      So what does the “5” refer to, genius?

    • How do you not understand how Apple labels their phone line? It’s not about actual revisions, it’s about the models. The 4 and the 4S were considered one model, with two revisions.

      • Adriano Geletes

        That’s what I am saying! The only thing you guys do is confusing other people with your math counting skills!

      • 3G an 3GS were two revisions of the same model too. And that model was 2. So we have iPhones 1, 2, 2+, 4 and 4+. Where is iPhone 3?

  • Sit back and enjoy the comments folks…

  • 5 = five inches – the size of the new iPhone.


  • Adriano Geletes

    The invite says 5 because the new iPhone will have 5 new big things: – all new design – new dock connector – new iOS – bigger screen – new chip on board!

  • wait soo it would be 10:00am western time? i wonder what channel it’ll be on… or how to watch it live?

  • SirJarjazz


  • The “new iPhone” with a 5 inch display or 5th generation iPhone. We’ll know soon enough.

  • I know the invitation is real simple, but what if the 12 stands for the megapixels on the camera of the iPhone 5? Just a thought, since every year there is something that stands out in the iPhone

  • Thank goodness it’s on the 12th. The 11th is my son’s birthday, and thankfully I won’t have to worry about split focus.

    • uH nodnarB

      Your son has a great birthday…

    • Jose

      I would love to be your son

  • Guest

    cant wait for 9-12-12

  • The “5” is a serial number. There are only six journalists invited to the event, and Jim is number five.

    • HammerOfTruth

      Uh oh, maybe this event is like the 7th guest game.

  • Mayson

    Oh well, I was hoping for 1 new iPhone, 2 new iPods, and 5 new Macs…

    Oh wait…

  • a 5 shadow …. I guess the iphone 5 is real 🙂 are we surprise ?

  • Gikku3

    5G woo hoo! Suck on that Samsung.

  • Jack Stalnaker

    I’d just like to give a gigantic Nelson Muntz “HAHA” to all the people who condescendingly pointed out that it wasn’t the “iPhone 5”. I had no horse in that race, but it sure came across as extraordinarily irritating.

  • Joindup

    So it’s going to iOS 5 then ?!

  • Isoliz77

    HHhmm maybe the 12 implies for a 12 megapixel camera…oh yes yes it has to and I’m the first to figure that one out!!

    • Sorry, but I had already said that in this same thread………

      • Isoliz77

        No way dude! I said it first…. so Im taking home all the credit now.

  • djr

    That shadow is nowhere near accurate. What kind of incompetents is Apple hiring these days? This would never have happened if Grover Cleveland were still alive.

    • shut up. my best friend was killed by Grover Cleveland

      • HammerOfTruth

        Yeah but your best friend was turning into a monster so Grover had to do it. Look it up it’s on wikipedia.

  • Anpred

    Why did they include a shadow of the 12.. Thats kinda tacky

  • Cfish5k

    the shadow between the 12 and the 5 forms the shape of the new elongated iphone

  • Finally!!!

  • Sxrb

    Is there any way we can watch the event?

  • Possibly it’ll be the new iPhone 5

  • JP Hansen

    It’s a different light that casts such a shadow…!

  • Always with Apple is the subtle and the riddle. That is what others try to copy but it will take long to make it part of the culture and brand. I am ready to camp to have it.

  • Alex

    What secrets lie in the Arts of Yerba Buena? Only the shadow knows.

  • Irish

    Is that an iPhone under the 2?…I wonder, and ohh look right there, between the 1 and 2 the extra 1/2 inch. Maybe my wish of a flexible oled wraparound wrist iPhone 5 might come true…then again it could simple be the fifth anniversary..

    • EducatedToPerform

      Wow, I’ve only just realised. The ‘gap’ in-between the 1 and the 2 which breaks up the 5, is actually a physically raised iPhone.

      If you zoom in really close you can clearly make out a raised iPhone.

  • I’m waiting for Apple to come out with its ESP model.

  • Joseph_melliz

    could we buy tickets to go to the event or something?

  • Hgfhhffg

    Iphone 5

  • Boutros N

    Everyone is so excited about this event, but leaked pictures and videos have been posted 3 to 5 months ago that show clearly how the next iphone 5 is. But what i’m Really concerned about is the software, the benefits that this iphone would bring me. From the first iphone that have been released until the iPhone 4S they run pretty the same thing. Same homescreen, same app icon. The only ‘minor’ difference is the processor, screen resolution, camera. I really wish that Apple brings something new in this next iphone

  • Apple Event- Iphone5 ??

  • yeah its probably Apple will show the shadow that mean iPhone5 then

  • A subtler hint than the shadowy 5 might be within that same shadow. [nerd alert] Take a look at the iPhone proportioned shadow immediately under the 2 (the top of the 5) and the negative space “extension” between the shadow of the 1 and the 2. That could, on some sort of “you’re-reading-way-too-much-into-this” level, symbolise the rumoured taller screen…

  • macspirit

    The real news will be Tim levitates off of the stage, and delivers the entire keynote while hovering in midair. Mock me now (or ignore me…your choice)…just remember…you read it here first.

    • macspirit

      “…when Tim levitates…”

  • Shunter608

    I believe the invite also contains the expected release date; December 5th. Assuming that Apple does not try to release the new iPhone on or before black Friday.

  • at last, iphone5 will come!

  • Ravi

    As always…amazed with what Apple does…beautiful image with a big messg….

  • Martincelestino

    where can i watch it?

  • Martincelestino

    can any body answer me please

    • BC1

      You can’t watch it Live, per Apple and their past announcements. Live Twitter comments, blogs, etc. yes, Live show, no. Full event show AFTER the announcement, yes.

  • BC1

    How about 5th Generation devices? Versus 4th Generation where we are at the moment.

  • ayatali