Terrible Microsoft education policy

So Microsoft will help teachers out on pricing, sort of.

  • lucascott

    Sounds like the policy is only teachers at university level. So why not just say that. Sucks but at least the rules are cut and dry.

    Apples education rules aren’t much better, at least on the student side, but at least they are clearly stated

  • Jesse Hollington

    University only is the policy now, and in fact has been for a couple of years, although I think Microsoft only recently changed its “Academic” product names to reflect that. K-12 faculty and students are now expected to purchase the “Home & Student” edition through normal retail channels, which doesn’t require any ID or validation at all, but also lacks a number of features that teachers might actually care about.

    This actually kicked in with Office for Mac 2008, where Home & Student edition actually took out support for connecting Entourage to an Exchange server. When I asked a Microsoft rep about it at Macworld back in 2008, their response was that K-12 teachers were expected to obtain a licensed copy of the full version from their school or board if their was a requirement for Exchange access.

    Of course, that didn’t help my wife, since the school board’s response was basically a terse “We Don’t Support Macs.”