Amazon bullshit

Today, Amazon announced that Kindle Fire is sold out, and that in just nine months, Kindle Fire has captured 22% of tablet sales in the U.S.

The mainstream press is jumping all over this pile of shit like it’s real news.

First, if a company announces that it sold out of one of its best selling products, it stopped production. Which means Amazon issued a press release saying it stopped production of the Kindle Fire. OF COURSE YOU’RE GOING TO SELL OUT!

Second, how can Amazon claim it has 22 percent market share when it has yet to share any sales numbers. Amazon will not say how many Kindle Fire tablets it actually sold.

  • Most journalists weren’t using common sense this morning.

  • I agree, they should share numbers if they are going to tout a stat. On the flip though, not saying how many doesn’t negate the fact that they can do math and based on the tablet market as a whole (number wise) they see themselves at 22%.

    So I’m not buying or selling this one without details. It is possible and quite possibly flat out wrong.

  • I would like to know how long ago they stopped production. Did they just sell out of their initial run?

  • John W Baxter

    It’s possible to compute a rough sales number given the 22% claim (there’s only one variable–the number of Fires if you estimate the number of Nooks, et al).

    I’m not going to bother as I have no desire for a Fire.

  • It’s really not that much of a stretch, although they should release sales numbers. Apple sells about 15 million tablets per quarter. If say a 1/3 of those sales were in the U.S., that’d be 5 million. It would only take 1.3 million Fire’s to account for 22%. I can see them selling just over 1 million of them.

    • abugida

      Apple actually had to reveal their US iPad sales for the Samsung case. They sold about 6 million in Q4 2011, 4.5 million in Q1, 5 million in Q2. So your estimate seems spot in to me.

      However, this puts in serious doubt all those estimates claiming Amazon sold 5 million Kindle Fires last Christmas alone. It seems that their total sales in the first year were in that range.

      • Actually it doesn’t because there are 3 versions of the iPad to account for, which is more than 15M, right? So 22% of the entire market is the baseline.

        • abugida

          Amazon is talking about US sales only. US iPad sales (all three models combined) recently have been about 5 million per quarter, so Amazon would be about 1.5 million per quarter (assuming Apple has 70 %, Amazon 22 %, and Other 8 %).

  • No

    Kindle has 0.43% at NetMarketShare. Windows Phone has 0.70%. IOS is 65.74% Android is 20%

    Kindle is 0.58 at Wikimedia. IOS is 54.6% for July

    • Yeah but that’s based on usage. Those stats are never accurate to me. They are akin to Flurry, etc making claims.

      • DaveChapin77

        For ecosystems, usage is about the only thing that matters actually

        • Yes but those stats (with no link to the source) are purely based on a sample of data they have direct access to. That’s the inherent problem with those stats.

      • Buckeyestar

        Okay, they sold that many but nobody is using them. 🙂

        • lucascott

          Of course not, because they returned them. Sales are never adjusted for returns

          Also numbers matter. HP sold out of their Slate in like a week of preorders. Sounded great until we found out they had only made like 5k and wouldn’t be able to make more for a good 4 months

        • Of course they are. I know people with Fire’s and see them often when I’m out-and-about.

  • DaveChapin77

    Would also be good to get their definition of “Sold”. Does that include product shipped to customers like Target & BestBuy?

    Another useful metric would be how many were returned.

    And how many were sold at discount to clear inventory/

    • Good question, especially after they angered big red enough that Target’s entire Kindle inventory was defected back to Amazon overnight. How are those units being counted?

  • Buckeyestar

    “10 of the top 10 best-selling items on Amazon since Kindle Fire launched are Kindle devices and content.”

    And 10 of the 10 best selling items on the Apple store website are Apple products.

  • The Kindle Fire came out almost 11 months ago, but AMZN says 22% share in just 9 months. IS that first 9 months since going on sale or the last 9 months? I’m guessing it’s the first, since Kindle Fire had huge sales at launch/ Christmas buying. Post holidays, Kindle Fire sales have dropped dramatically according to all estimates. So, it may be somewhat plausible that AMZN had 40% during holidays, and less that 10% since adding up to 22% over 9 month period.

    But without ever releasing actual sales figures, AMZN is free to make up whatever they want and the public would never know.

  • pawhite524

    Reading the Amazon PR had me thinking I was watching an old Saturday Night Live sketch. It just seemed like a parody…

  • No

    Apple sold 44 Million ipads in the 9 months that Amazon is citing. Let assume that represents 60% of the market. and give Amazon 22% then Android is 18%.

    So Amazon would have to sell 16 million. May be Amazon is just counting US number. Well then Apple sold 16.140 million in the US last 3 quarters. Someone else can do the rest of the calculations.

  • Mark Serbin

    Just waiting for all the Fire Sale comments to come pouring in…. All Fire Sales have to start with a tad of Kindle, right?

  • pawhite524

    It came to me last night. It was the John Lovitz character on Saturday Night Live- the prefabricator (liar) who just keep throwing BS out there. As the Amazon PR guy he’d answer the question about market share like this, “We nave 3 uh,7 er, 15 um, 22% of the tablet market. Yeah, that’s the ticket!” Sincere apologies to John Lovitz. Even in my dreams I am no where near as funny as he is.

  • JohnDoey

    Market share of what? Readers? Tablets?

    Apple has not even competed with Amazon yet. The current iPad is a low-end Mac — a PC, not a reader.

    If there had been an “iPod reader” with 7 inch screen for the past few years, Amazon would probably already have quit hardware.