Tim Cook and Apple retail

Yeah, what Gruber said.

  • Jason G

    Please don’t take this as a troll. Honest feedback from a longtime reader:

    Love you Jim, but I came across a post a couple weeks ago where you wrote, “That’s a great point. I believe readers are looking for a writers perspective. There are lots of places to get the news, but each writer has their own perspective.”

    Take a look at your last couple days of post. There’s been very little perspective and mostly just links and a few words. I’d love to hear more of your opinion on topics, rather than just links.

  • Captain

    You had no problem attacking the retail chief on the same information yet now that cat fight has reached CEO then all of sudden it is not ok.

    Who is suppose to take the blame but the Captain.

  • I find it hard to take someone seriously on the big ideas when they can’t be arsed to get the small ones correct. For instance, the author of the article suggests that pressure from Tim Cook and Apple’s CFO, Peter Oppenheimer, led to their retail chief, Ron Johnson, deciding to leave after Jobs’ death. I.e. Once Jobs was gone, no one was there to keep those two in check, so Johnson was pressured to the point that he quit.

    Slight problem: four months before Jobs passed away, Ron Johnson announced his plans to leave Apple and provided a date he would be leaving (which coincidentally ended up being after Jobs’ passing). I seriously doubt that it was pressure from Cook and Oppenheimer so far in advance of Jobs death that led to Johnson leaving, especially so when the reason he was leaving was to take over as CEO at JC Penney, a major retailer in distress that many thought could use a guy exactly like him.

  • The hiring of Browett still appears to be the first real mis-step by Cook. Browett managed Dixons in such a way that the reputation of the store collapsed and the stores ended up being renamed as Currys Digital. Currys is a white goods retailer in the same group.

  • lucascott

    Apple cuts hours every year. They used to do it in the Fall after the Back to School promo was over. Now they are doing it in the summer before the iPhone surge.

    These articles are really tons of FUD and hyperbolic misquoting. Especially by Allen

    The truth is more likely that the system miscalculated the hours allotted for some stores and those stores dealt with the issue by cutting back to only the required workshops, cutting back hours for part timers and yes even not giving any hours to some folks. NOT a company wide taking a dump like the articles imply