Apple’s executive line-up

Apple today announced that Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of Mac Software Engineering, and Dan Riccio, Apple’s vice president of Hardware Engineering, have been promoted to senior vice presidents. Federighi and Riccio will report to Apple CEO Tim Cook and serve on Apple’s executive management team.Apple also announced that Bob Mansfield, who announced his retirement in June, will remain at Apple. Mansfield will work on future products, reporting to Tim Cook.

The most interesting part is about Mansfield.

  • still no women

    • imthedude

      What’s your point? I work at a company where there’s exactly ZERO upper level male bosses. Oh wait, there’s no middle management male bosses either. Oh wait, there’s 10 guys in a company of 200 people.

      Pick those best suited for the job, not worrying about gender or anything else.

      • rwitt

        The best 12 people to run Apple are all men? Do you think this is just a coincidence?

        • imthedude

          So the best people to run where I work are all women? Do you think that’s coincidence?

          I think apple picks who in their view are the top people, and they have the right to do that. As does my job.

  • Adriano Geletes

    I would really like to know, on what kind of projects Bob Mansfield will be working on! May I have a quick look?

  • Canucker

    Samsung abducted Mansfield and replaced him with a clone to screw up Apple’s future products. That strategy didn’t work with Judge Koh though. Seems Samsungs clones are never quite as reliable as the original.

  • Ron Miller

    I also found that interesting … my guess is that Mansfield was retiring because he figured he was rich enough, and that he was tired of the “grind”. Tim Cook may have convinced him to stay by offering him a chance to lead an exciting new project without all the other responsibilities that go along with being an SVP. I know a lot of engineers that tire of the “management” side of things, but still love to tinker with new technologies.

  • mark212

    This is interesting. I always thought Mansfield announced his retirement because he was sick of dealing with Scott Forstall and his ego. Having Federighi and Riccio promoted to the leadership team with direct reports to Tim Cook is a nice counter-balance.

    I expect Scott Forstall to leave the company in the next six month. Wild ass guess: Ballmer steps down as CEO of Microsoft and Forstall is appointed to take his place.

    • kibbles

      so do you have any particular reasons to beleive this stuff, or do you just smoke a lot weed?

      • mark212

        You heard it here first.

  • Player_16

    I could relate to Mansfield. He sounds like someone who’s really ‘hands-on’; tool in one hand, simply explaining it to you the next -the mechanics. He knows the diff between open-end and box-end; the general 2-types of philip screwdrivers and why…

  • kvanh

    My guess is Mansfield’s new position is similar to Ives. Work on stuff, leave the paperwork for other people.