Supermodel Kate Upton at the Samsung launch event… with her iPhone


  • That’s actually Samsung’s latest attempt to copy the iPhone.

    • Jim H

      Yes that is Samsung’s new logo on the back. They cut the “S” in half and rotated the other half over so it looks kind of like a heart. Resembles something else too? : ) I would not out it past them.

  • Hahaha that’s hilarious!

  • There’s a phone in that picture?

    • White iPhone, face down, next to her on the seat. Took me awhile to find it, admittedly.

  • Insert [dumb blond] joke here.

  • Vic

    I attended LMFAO live concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia earlier this year.. Samsung was the main sponsor of the event as its banners were everywhere.. The reason I was there is because I’ve got free tickets from them as an owner of Samsung smartphone..

    Everything went well throughout the evening, everyone was immersed in party rock mood.. Towards the end of the concert, to the surprise of many (including Samsung executives who were present I’m sure), RedFoo took out his iPhone and started DJ-ing using it.. He even shouted “I’m DJ-ing on my iPhone!!!” a couple of times.. And everyone attending can see clearly from those big projected screens what he was doing.. This remix session lasted for about 20 minutes..

    Not sure did any lawsuit entail out of this incident.. 🙂