iPhone 5 and iPad mini events

John Gruber:

I’m thinking it makes more sense for Apple to hold two events. First, an iPhone event, focused solely on the new iPhone and iOS 6. Then, the iPhone ships nine days later, and there’s another wave of iPhone-focused attention as the reviews come out. Then, in the first or second week of October, Apple holds its traditional “music event”, exactly along the lines of the events at which they’ve been debuting new iPods for the last decade.

Oh that Gruber is a smart fellow.

  • Yep.

  • StetsonG

    That’s a strange spelling of “Yep” you have there Jim.

  • The beard hath spoken.

    I also love this collaboration of John & Jim!

  • Did Apple hold a iTunes/iPod Event last fall?

    • StetsonG

      They mentioned the addition of the white iPod touch and the update for the iPod nano during the iPhone event.

      • Steven Fisher

        I think an iPod touch announcement is more likely in the iPhone 5 announcement than the iPad air one.

      • I think if Apple DOES have an “iTunes Media Event” then it would make more sense that the iPadSmaller would debut there.

        The reason I never questioned it’s announcement at the iPhone Event is, much like the Verizon iPhone announcement, how much is there to say about a smaller iPad? It’s smaller, lighter, cheaper version of the iPad you know.

        But if there’s a iPhone event and a “Media” event, then the iPadSmaller makes much more sense in the latter. Especially when you consider that the lack of leaking components seems to suggest a later ship date than the iPhone.

        Still it will be a new move for Apple to have events so close together, as they surely won’t want to have it later than October.

        But this is all fixing the barn gate after the horses have come home, since we now know there will be a second event.

  • Steven Fisher

    My guess is there’s two events. But I don’t think the iPad air and iPod touch share the second event. Either the iPod touch has no stage time at all, or there’s no iPad air announcement planned.

    I know everyone here favours the iPad air coming out soon. I don’t argue that, but neither do I believe it. I’m firmly in the “believe it when I see it” camp.

  • guest

    Seriously, is this worth losing sleep over?

    • No. But it is worth posting about on an Apple news site, silly person.

    • Steven Fisher

      If you really find this all so uninteresting, I have a few suggestions. In order of how much time they’ll save you:

      Don’t comment on articles you find boring. Don’t read articles on topics you’re uninterested in. If all the topics are uninteresting to you, stop reading The Loop entirely.

  • nsw

    Cue much gnashing of teeth when Apple fails to unveil the iPad mini in September. Possible stock buying opportunity.

  • carlos

    Just to remember, last year there wasn’t a music event, Apple hasn’t update the iPod touch since 2010. Last year they didn’t do the traditional ‘Music Event’. So, maybe this year we will have only one more event like last year

  • FrenchKissDev

    On 12th, I think it’s iPhone, iPad (mini + thinner new iPad) + iPad nano. Because there is a story involving those devices around the new dock connector. (But can it be called a “dock” connector ? Who needs dock these days ?) And there may be a story around bluetooth communication between them (BT could replace Wifi for hand-shakes between the devices and the Mac. Make sense battery-wise). However the iPad mini won’t be available before october. When it is out the tech press will be excited again with full tests etc. It could hurt new iPad sales but at this point people will be holding their tablet choice until all the competitor are known. “And if you want an iPad mini for Christmas, you should pre-order it now !”

  • Delmonte

    The man from Del Beard says yep.

  • So if it’s an iPhone event in September and an iPad/iPod event in October, where’s the launch window for a new iMac?

    • Anytime they’re ready, since it’s most likely to be a spec bump and not a redesign, which will come with the Retina upgrade in a year or two.

      • Doubtless it will be a silent refresh. But I’m assuming they would still want at least a 2 week gap on either side of an iMac launch and an iOS device launch.

  • In 2010, Apple had five big keynotes:

    January — The iPad April — iOS 4 preview June — WWDC ’10 with the iPhone 4 September — iTunes/iPod/AppleTV October — Back to the MacBook Air

    In 2012

    March — The retina iPad/AppleTV refresh June — The retina MacBook Pro/Mountain Lion/iOS 6 preview September — The new iPhone October — The iPad mini/iTube (Apple TV)

    In 2013 January — OS X 10.9 TabbyCat/xMac platform/13″ rMBP

    Can I get a yep?

  • Ronholland

    So u think the ipad mini is a sure thing?