Apple stores see 300 million visitors in FY 2012, 50,000 Genius Bar visits a day

Apple opened its 374 and 375 retail store worldwide this weekend in Canada. While meeting with Apple, I was able to get a few details about how the retail operation is going overall.

According to Apple, the company has seen almost 300 million worldwide visitors so far in its fiscal 2012, which started in October 2011. To give you some type of comparison, by July 2011, the population of the United States was estimated to be 311 million people.

There is also an interesting data point from Apple’s retail Genius Bar. According to the company, 50,000 people get serviced at a Genius Bar around the world, every single day. That’s a lot of appointments.

The Apple store in Halifax, Nova Scotia featured over 125 unique hands on opportunities in the store for customers. Those include computers, iPhones, iPads, and other products throughout the store. Of course, this number will be unique for every store depending on the size, but an interesting point nonetheless.

Updated: Made it clear that I was talking about the fiscal calendar year, starting in October 2011.

  • I wonder what the break down of the visits are: iPhone / iPad / iPod / Mac

  • Adriano Geletes

    133,3 costumers at every Genius Bar every day! That’s what I call impressive! But there are some numbers missing. How many new products were sold by Genius Bar staff after service to costumores. If they could sell at least a new product to every 10th customer, that would meen 1.825 million new products just by Genius Bar staff. They should offer a new programm to Genius Bar employees to boost their sales, because I can see a lot of potential. How many products were sold to first visit customers? Where can we get some answers? That would be interessting, if Apple could show us some facts!


    • Guest

      No! The last thing you should do is give Geniuses an incentive to sell products.

      When people go to the Genius Bar, they want a fix for their problem, not a sales pitch.

      • Mark

        Seriously. If I want service people to give me a pitch, I’ll do what my mother-in-law does and go to the GeekSquad, where I can pay for the honor of getting pitched.

  • That’s a LOT of Genius Bar visits! Let’s assume they’re worth (to customers) $50 per visit. That’s 50,000 x $50 = $2.5 million per day.

    Genius Bar services don’t directly generate revenue, but are necessary to support the sales of Apple products and are therefore incorporated into the prices of those products at the time of sale.

    Now, Apple has something like 35,000 employees in its retail stores. On any given day, only 5/7 of the employees working (the others are taking days off), so that’s 25,000 on the clock. Assume the typical nonmanagement employee works 8 hours/day and earns $10/hr + 25% fringe benefits. Under those circumstances, Apple’s total Retail Store payroll is 25,000 x 8 x $10 x 1.25 = $2.5 million per day.

    In other words, the Genius Bars are producing enough value per day to pay all nonmanagement employees — whether they’re doing Genius work or other things.

    It follows that Apple receives the profits generated by all work away from the Bar. (It also receives the profits from product sales and repair work.)

  • Sctclsn

    Is it just me, or is the irony glaring here…. Apple products & OS’s ‘just work’ & are ‘so intuitive’ and stunningly well designed so anybody can get anything done effortlessly. 50k people a day w non-function, less than functioning, or irritatingly functioning devices. I’m just sayin’. ;-}

    • @AppleStoreAvenger

      Just because you come to the the genius bar and say your phone isn’t working, doesn’t mean it’s broken. It usually means you don’t know how to turn off Voice Over, or Zoom, or you have 5 Apple ID’s. We can make the products as easy to use as possible but there is still gonna be someone that manages to out-dumb the system.

  • xiaozi

    299M of them in the Shanghai Lowan store the day I bought my iPad