Apple Store opens in Halifax

Halifax has never seen anything like it. Hundreds of people lined up to see Apple launch its latest retail store, screaming and clapping, as excited as you would expect people to be on Christmas morning before opening their gifts.

Before today’s opening, the closest Apple retail location to Halifax was just over 900 kilometers away in Quebec City. Obviously, much too far for people to take a casual drive to pick up a new Mac.

The new location will not just serve Halifax and surrounding area, but it will be a draw for Apple users living in the entire Atlantic region. According to Apple, 75 local jobs were created by opening the store here.

Unfortunately for Apple, there was a little hitch with the opening. An early morning power outage caused much of the city to be in darkness until about 10:00 am. The store was scheduled to open at 9:30 am with the rest of the mall.

However, you have to give the team at the store a lot of credit. They went out into the line of people waiting, talking to them about Apple products, where they came from and other topics of interest to the Apple faithful.

Apple employees also went out and bought cases of bottled water, giving everyone waiting in line a little refreshment. With the power being out, there was also no air conditioning.

None of that bothered the people waiting to get into the store though. As the doors opened and the Apple store staff cheered and clapped, the crowd cheered and clapped right back. A very successful opening.

  • Nice! For years I’ve complained about no Apple store near me and finally, Apple made it happen.

  • Nice! I’d say it serves the all Maritime provinces more so than all the Atlantic provinces – I can’t see too many Newfoundlanders taking the ferry to buy and iPad or talk to a Genius. Not that I’m bitter or anything! Maybe just a little jealous…

  • I’m betting John “jackass” Browett won’t approve an expense report for the water in hopes of saving Apple a few bucks.

  • Rick

    And then, in an effort to cut expenses, Browett showed up and sent all the employees home, shooed all the customers away, turned the lights back off and locked the doors.

  • Were there any Apple resellers in the area, or is the new store the only option for sales and service?

  • Tedcranmore

    Long overdue Halifax..congrats. I have no idea why these huge gaps in Apple store continue to exist. I realize unique flagship locations are hard to come by, by mall locations are there for the taking.

    RE: Browett…it’s been a long tme since I was really angry at Apple or couldn’t at least see their side of the argument. I really didn’t believe the story because it was reported he triggered raises shortly after he arrived. To even put the kind of doubt into the mind of apple store employees is something it takes a long to time to get back. Service is their magic, to do anything to kill that is absolutely insane. I’m sure it would cost millions to fire him, but I really get the feeling he has no idea what makes an Apple store an Apple store.

    • This one actually wasn’t there for the taking. Apple had to rebuild the entire end of the mall, relocating escalators, etc. to make it happen.

    • Damaging Apple’s brand and ruining consumers belief in Apple’s service is worth more than paying Browett to disappear.

  • “Obviously, much too far for people to take a casual drive to pick up a new Mac.” I thought you took the dog sled for a ride, not a drive? 😛

  • satcomer

    Wow you finally caught up to me when my area (in Tyson’s Corner). If I remember right it was in early 2001.

  • Brian

    Sweet! Nice to see the Logo grace Halifax