Apple, Google, Samsung team up for Kodak patents

Eric Slivka:

The negotiations are reportedly seeing Apple joining forces with its courtroom foes Samsung and HTC, as well as smartphone platform rival Google, in an effort to obtain the patents for a price well below that sought by Kodak.

I don’t understand why Apple wouldn’t just buy them — they have the money. Unless they are worried about having too much control.

  • Ben Randolph

    There are probably not enough patents of real value to spend their money on, but to spread out price between multiple entities, it also dilutes their strategic value (ie courtroom value) for all entities. It’s a way to make peace and declare those patents as off the table.

  • Nahin

    because patent pools are legal but patents using as weapon is frowned upon. This is basically creating FRAND patent pool out and Non practicing entity like RockStar (a canadian company) can do your dirty work. If you are going to pay $2B for them then you have to fight hard to recoup the money instead of getting license for dead and expiring patents.

    • Nahin

      PS most of Apple’s money is offshore which require 40% tax in order to convert to dollar however they can buy treasury bills out of them but not get taxed.

  • Because they are buying patents to strictly to protect against litigation from IP bottom feeders. Since it’s an expense rather than an investment, why pay the whole freight on your own when you can split the cost with others?

    • Matthias

      I agree. Plus: apple doesn’t want to be a dick and sue someone with patents they bought (as in didn’t invent themselves)