Would you swim In the world’s scariest pool?


How far would you go to get a bird’s-eye city view while swimming? If you’re staying at the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao, you’ll get to take a dip in their glass-bottom pool, which appears to be suspended in mid-air as it partially hangs over a 24-story drop.

Easy answer to the headline question. HELL NO.

  • John W Baxter

    Why not?

  • MrPhotoEd

    Hell yeah, It would mean I finally got to check out China. Just don’t tell my wife. Her “Hell No’s” overrule my yeses.

    The one who controls the frying pan, runs the house.

  • Peter Cohen

    Depends. Do they mind when people poop uncontrollably in the pool?

  • gjgustav

    Would love to see more pics from water level and looking down through the pool.

  • Steven Fisher

    Hell yes. If I pissed myself in fear they’d never know.

  • Sharon_Sharalike

    I wonder if the photographer actually waited for a plane to fly into the shot or if he just stuck it in later.

    • If he’s a good photographer, he waited. 🙂

  • God, my stomach is churning just thinking about this…

  • YOLO.

  • satcomer

    Shawn & Jim,

    You guys need to get into shape 🙂

    • What does being in shape have to do with a lack of wanting to hang off the side of a building?