Microsoft ditches ‘Metro’ now using ‘Windows 8-style UI’

But sources are telling us that this is coming to an abrupt end after the company’s Legal and Corporate Affairs team sent out a memo banning the word “Metro.” LCA’s memo reportedly says that Microsoft has been threatened with legal action for infringing on “Metro” trademarks held by German retailer Metro AG.From now on, the new terminology that Microsoft is using is “Windows 8-style UI” when talking about Windows 8 applications, and “New User Interface” when talking about the company’s full product line-up.

That’s totally going to catch on.

  • They could just call it confusing as hell UI

    • Craig

      Android already have trademarked.

  • pawhite524

    Check out the explanation for this given by the MS PR dept. Makes my Top 10 for Lamest Excuses Ever!

  • Ed

    They should condense it to the “W8” or “wait” UI.

  • D Pauw

    But will the Windows 8-style UI work on the Windows Phone 7 Series phones now that it isn’t named Metro anymore?

  • inm

    Microsoft has had a lot of poor branding over the past few years but I can’t believe that “Windows 8-style UI” was the best they could do.

    The UI is actually innovative, if not perfect, and deserves a better name.

    • Guest


      • inm

        I was saying that at least it was innovative, though it’s not perfect.

        I guess the way it was worded led you to believe that I was calling it perfect, and I’m not saying that.

  • They should have gone with MUI. When asked what that stood for, the official answer would be “the MUI User Interface”. Everyone would know that the M stood for Metro while the use of a recursive acronym would have given Microsoft some geek street cred.

    • Or the MUI could have meant the Microsoft User Interface. I like the idea of “MUI” quite a bit.

      • campuscodi

        MUI in Romanian is a letter short of something very insulting. I doubt they’ll ever use that Word since 30% or more of Microsoft’s employees are Romanians.

    • Dude

      So wait…. MUI, standing for MUI User Interface… which, after expanding the acronym would be what? Metro User Interface User Interface?… sounds very Microsoft, I like it. LOL

      • Steven Vore

        ever heard of GNU?

        • Zecc

          That’s not the point. Dude was referring to the use a three-lettered TLA acronym.

          • Microsoft have been known to do this. On the front of Windows 2000 it said “Powered by NT Technology”. Nobody really complained.

        • Dude

          Oh, yes, because that is not a stupid name at all, and really caught on (especially with consumers!). /sarcasm

    • Yuhong Bao

      MUI is already used as a term for “Multilingual User Interface” that was introduced in Win2000.

  • No

    Windows Tile UI. or 60s Street Sign UI.

  • “Metro” was the first product name I ever heard from the Windows division that didn’t sound like an insurance contract. So long, Metro.

  • Windows Tile Format UI WTF UI

  • nXqd

    The only thing M$ has in this W8 is a new name, now it’s gone 🙂

  • New Fangled Interface = NFI

  • Player_16

    Microsoft Windows 8-style UI for Microsoft Windows 8 Professional Student and Home Business Edition for the Enterprise Data Center Tablet Phone (Mobile), featuring the Microsoft Windows 8 UI Style Pack for Windows 8 UI, Live!.net

  • Noname

    LUI = Lame U I

  • The Metro farce reaches new heights

  • Nigel Kendrick

    The interface formally known as Metro

  • LiveTiles

    they could’ve just called it LiveTiles UI, their called that way anyway..

  • The “Metro” name is already in use for a software product. An old (but still alive) DAW software from Sagan Technology. (

  • Pulkit Agarwal

    Does ‘Tiled’ sound good ? Help this name to catch on 😀

  • pawhite524

    How about FUI? Fabulous User Interface? or F**ked Up Interface if it fails! Then there is SUI. Superlative User Interface? or a hog call if it fails!

  • Rei Miyasaka

    Oh good, for the next version of Windows, if ever there will be one, we’ll still be using so-called “Windows 8 style UI”.

    Marketing snafu.

  • Call it “CrapUI” because that’s all it is in a desktop environment.