Apple’s rumored September 12 event

iMore has learned that Apple is planning to debut the new iPhone at a special event on Wednesday, September 12, 2012, with the release date to follow 9 days later on Friday, September 21.


  • Tyler Hillsman

    There’s the “yep”!

  • Amal Ekbal

    Was waiting for your take before believing the rumour.

  • Marcus R. Moore

    I was waitin’ for it…! The question is how do I watch a liveblog while vacationing in the UK without getting glares from my wife!

    • Player_16

      Let your wife shop and you shop at the Apple store.

    • Hosni

      Position your chair so that you face away from her.

    • Apaulio

      If youre in London you and the wife could go to the George Inn, London Bridge – a national trust inn who’s prior occupants have included Shakespeare and Dickens. Also host to the London Mac User Group/British Tech Networks live podcast of the event. Will be fun.

  • John Borell

    Now that’s the ‘yep’ we’ve been waiting for.

  • CJ

    Now if we could just get a “yep” about the rest of iMore’s report…

  • brenntro

    could it be true?!

  • Alfred Woodden

    Now the most important thing Mr Dalrymple… Are the leaked photos a red herring?

    • mrmaccat

      as a cad designer i can tell you that those “photos” are actually renderings of a nerbs or stl file probably done in rhino and rendered in flamingo . the one with the hand has the rendering photoshopped into it .

      • Ian Davies


      • B-splene

        you seem to be the greatest cad designer in the world to be able to tell a renderer just by its image Mr. Nerbs!

  • Rogelio Rodriguez

    eat a lot and tell her that your feeling sick. lock yourself in the bathroom for an hour and tell you can’t come out. i know it sounds pretty bad to deceive your wife like this, but i cant say anyone would blame you for it. its an apple launch avent for pete’s sake.

  • Anon

    Is Jim Dalrymple the final word on Apple rumors?


  • JimD

    OK Jimbo… how about a hint at iMac updates?!!!

    • Leroy

      Will the iMac update be in my lifetime?

  • literalf1

    Ignored all the other websites chiming & cashing in on the initial report from iMore, just waiting for the “Yep”.

    Now… if only we could get a “yep” for the widely leaked tall design.

  • Raymond Meyers

    Dammit, Dalrymple, do you have to run on so? Just say your piece and move on. I mean, damn. Is there a point to this endless verbosity coming anytime soon?

    • Anon


  • Buckeyestar

    How about a yep or nope in regards to the iPad Nano rumors. :)

  • Travs

    Fucking fanboys get a real job. Sucking Apple’s dick

  • alaanile