The stupid, lame and lazy Mountain Lion headlines

In 2001 when Mac OS X was first released, it was forgivable. In 2012, it’s not only old, it’s just downright lazy. I’m talking about those pathetic headlines that Web sites use to usher in a new release of Apple’s operating system. You know the ones I’m talking about — “Mountain Lion roars” or “Mountain Lion leaps.”

I asked my Twitter followers for their favorites and they came through for me. Here is a list of the worst Mountain Lion headlines. If you’re on this list, it’s not just me laughing at you, it’s your readers too.

  • I’ve read most of those articles. It’s not just the headlines that were stupid, lame and lazy.

  • Dperryd

    I didn’t think the GigaOm one was so bad. it might not have been intentional anyway.

    • agreed, I dont think Giga Om should be on this list. Same for AllThingsD. And given the Game of Thrones mania I thought someone would have used ‘Hear the (Mountain) Lion roar!’ 😀

    • Steven Fisher

      Yup. If the GigaOm one is an intentional pun, they’ve perfectly nailed subtle. Completely deniable. “Outrun” is a perfectly fine word for “faster.”

    • normm

      I thought GMA News “out in the wild” was more original than most.

    • HAL9000point5


  • even I was of the same opinion!

    Time for em to say something like Mountain Lion Barks!

  • How about this for a headline:

    Apple Fanatic Finds Yet Another Trivial Thing to Complain Abou-ROAR!!!

  • Dave Brandt

    On the other hand, Ars has their head screwed on tight. They’ve figured out that the star’s name goes above the title itself. Their review is called “John Siracusa’s Ars Technica Review”.

  • I’d like to know how many of these headlines were concocted by the people who actually wrote the articles, as opposed to their “editors” who can think of nothing but SEO-generated page hits.

  • Steven Fisher

    I’m glad someone is collecting a list of this shit this year. (Seriously.)

  • Dan H

    As a former newspaper editor, gotta say with shame and sorrow that it’s probably an editor, not the reporter, who coined these cliches. Where I live, we have a daily whose copy editors seem never to let a story get in the way of a bad pun. Yuk.

  • …hey, at least we’ve been spared the “Cougar” jokes… far….

  • nsw

    This problem has long afflicted Apple articles in general, particular on the financial news sites. If there’s a problem, it must always be “Worm in the Apple”, or “Rotten Apple”, or some other such nonsense. I’ve become somewhat inured to it over the years, but it still grates.

  • Jack Stalnaker

    Ah, I see. That’s the stage we’re in now. 1. Exist->saturate 2. Attempt cleverness->saturate 3. Critique previously highly regarded cleverness->saturate 4. Revive cleverness as retro or ironic. We’re in full stage 3.

  • swein

    When Star Trek (2009) came out, I made a Tumblr of the stupid, lame and lazy reviews that used the same old tired Trek cliches. It was depressing how easy it was to find them.

  • jonaton

    Facepalms all around, to be sure. Most of them don’t surprise me, but there are a couple of actually respectable news sources in there. So sad.

  • Dikser

    Sure it’s lazy but what else are they gonna go with?

  • RF9

    It was my assumption that they teach you to intentionally do puns when you study journalism. Am I wrong? Well then why is it common practice in news media? I never liked it, but it just seemed the common practice.

  • RF9

    Immediately after writing this comment I head over to Engadget and what’s the first story I read (just published) was “Ice Cream Sandwich takes a bite out of Gingerbread, represents 15.9 percent of Android devices” You have got to be kidding me. If punny headlines isn’t a conspiracy then you had me fooled.