Google Maps vs. Apple Maps

With the exception of Westminster Abbey, Apple’s images look better to my eye.

  • Jacob Penderworth

    Actually, Liberty Island isn’t the greatest either.

  • Ubbrewing

    But Apple’s is better than Googles, IMO. Bear in mind, they switch which one is on the left and which one is on the right between those shots (which seems sorta deceptive, regardless of intent).

    • Ubbrewing

      …and 2 of 3 were not even really Apple’s or Google’s. The only comparison was SF, apparently.

  • John C. Bland II

    That’s Google Earth, not Maps. Slight distinction.

  • Jonathan Guenther

    The comment in that blog post that “the field is crisper” in Google’s map of AT&T Park is silly. Google shows the park set up for baseball, and Apple shows it set up for football (look at the placement of the bleachers). The idea is to make the infield go away when set up for football, so of course it won’t stand out as much.

  • Moeskido

    It’s probably going to come down to what time of year and what time of day the satellite took the image, whichever service is posting it.