Facebook was not dropped from Mountain Lion

A story this morning on Fortune claims that Facebook was mysteriously dropped from the version of Mountain Lion that was released to the public on Wednesday. The fact is, that’s just not true.

Apple has said since WWDC that Facebook would be integrated with Mountain Lion in an update to be released this Fall. On it’s Web site, Apple was very clear that the feature would be “Coming Soon.”

At no point did Apple say that Facebook would be publicly available when Mountain Lion was released. In fact, Apple even told me last week during my private briefing in New York that the feature wouldn’t be available until the Fall.

It is true that reviewers had access to the Facebook feature for review purposes, but that’s it. Apple didn’t pull the feature from the release. It will be available when they said it would — this Fall.

  • D Pauw

    Headline should have been “Rare miss for Apple as Moutain Lion launches without Facebook”.

  • Philip lobbed up another one for Peter, John, and Darby there. He could be a good writer if he actually managed to do a minute or two worth of research.

  • I think someone forgot to drop Facebook integration from the press release on the “Hot News” feed though.

  • franksspam

    The mistake isn’t what is so bad. What is bad is that he still hasn’t updated the article and instead he’s digging his heels in and fighting with commenters that are pointing out that he is wrong.

  • franksspam

    Also, Philip Elmer-DeWitt has not approved my comment where I show him the exact places on the Apple website where it says that it won’t be released until fall. Some instances are in footnotes while others are bright orange notifications next to the Facebook description.