Carbon Copy Cloner v3.5

One of the best backup applications for your Mac is Mike Bombich’s Carbon Copy Cloner, now up to version 3.5. The new release brings Mountain Lion support and has “transitioned” to a fully paid application – while Bombich worked for Apple, the software was donationware. Mike is no longer at Apple and he wants to get paid!

CCC creates automated, incremental and bootable backups and makes backing up simple and easy.

The new version costs $39.95 but is on sale for $29.96 for a limited time.

  • Christopher

    Has anyone used this and are able to compare to SuperDuper?

    • Jim

      I was a paid SD user for several years but switched to CCC two years ago. The scheduling feature was more reliable for me, better network backups, and syncing between remote folders. Have had two support/feature requests in that time and Mike’s service and feedback were excellent. CCC has taken the crown IMHO.

    • Steven Fisher

      Couldn’t tell you how it compares, but I’ve always used CCC. It’s great.

  • Steven Fisher

    As mentioned in his FAQ, if you donated previously, you can get a registration code by using the “retrieve license” feature.

  • I am a SuperDuper! guy. But, good for Mike for asking for money.

    Useful software should cost money. And, serious users are willing to pay.

  • Penguirl

    I compared SuperDuper! and CCC a long time ago, I don’t remember what I didn’t like about SD! but CCC suits my preferences and I trust the developer who has been writing Mac software for quite some time. CCC has never failed me.

  • Chuck

    That’s quite the price hike. Long time CCC user, when it saved my ass one time when my HDD failed I donated.

    CCC has come a long way since the early days.