EPEAT gives Retina MacBook Pro a Gold rating

The sudden pullout — and subsequent return — of Apple from the EPEAT certification program it helped create increasingly appears to have been a dispute over the status that have been given to the Retina MacBook Pro if it were submitted, as the two 15-models with the high-resolution display may have been threatened with a lower-than-top ranking, a first for the company. The Retina models now appear on the EPEAT website with Gold rankings.

How is that possible?

  • lucascott

    I suspect that it’s a combination of the fact that places like iFixIt are selling the tools needed for those screws and EPEAT being convinced that what really matters is that the glue can be removed not how or even that perhaps the only folks that can do it are Apple, so long as they are willing to do it.

    Because those are the only real items that were keeping said notebook off the list.

    I think that Apple’s ‘mistake’ was in not bothering to try to convince EPEAT to change their rules before dropping their ‘need’ to be on the list. by doing that they put a bit of a diss on the standard that came off like they don’t care about green efforts which isn’t true. So they have a chat with EPEAT, convince them that the rules need some tweaking and they play the bigger man in taking the blame for the whole thing themselves rather than the full truth which is that the rules in the standard are behind the times and basically pointless compared to other more important details. Why would they do this? because they can and because they know the rules are under review. Which is what they likely wanted in the first place.

  • Because Apple rated it themselves when they submitted the products. Looks like it still has to be reviewed by EPEAT.


  • Jim, you think they shouldn’t get one or you’re in disbelief Apple would throw a hissy fit and leave because of a rating? [curious what possibility you’re questioning]

  • Nobody comes out of this looking good.

  • N8nnc

    Actually I think it’s a win for both. Apple got public confirmation that both their products and environmental consciousness are valuable. If they needed to force EPEAT into anything, they succeeded (EPEAT admitted some provisions need updating to be relevant to modern products; i.e. since 2007). EPEAT wins through greater consumer/purchaser awareness (had you heard of EPEAT before this? Do you think other vendors will now have to tell a good EPEAT story?)