Apple’s rumored August 7 iPhone 5 launch event

From Know Your Mobile:

Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on August 7, Know Your Mobile can exclusively reveal.


  • Sounds about right.

  • Raineer

    You’re the man, Jim.

  • ButtMonkey

    But Jim! They even show a “renered” image!

  • Bob

    Thanks for clearing that up, Jim. I’m glad I didn’t have to spend too much time on this.

  • I don’t believe this. This will be too soon. Later september or early october would sound more reasonable to me

  • I usually don’t like one-word comments, but this is absolutely spot-on!

    Cheers, Rick

  • Apple’s iPhone release schedule is directly tied to my personal carrier contract. My phone contract runs out in the first week of October and that’s when the 5 is going to ship.

  • My iPhone 4 upgrade has said Aug 25th for some time the other day that I checked it had moved to the 24th which is a Friday. That might be the launch date! If it is the 7th I hope AT&T will allow me to upgrade 17 days early.

  • Er

    ….Make sure to check back with us on August 7 when we’ll have live coverage of Apple’s announcement.

    That’s like the one guy who said a few month ago that the world is going to end…. We all know he was wrong


  • Getting off the Apple merry-go-round this Christmas all together. iPod and iPhone. Just tired of chasing the same dog over and over.

    • No

      Good Boy. Now if only you could stay away from Mac sites then you might live 10 years longer.

  • Mav7

    I thought so.

    Thanks for settling this, Jim! Boom goes the Dalrymple on that rumor!

  • Harry Bosch

    They may announce it but you won’t see one till end of November …

  • StetsonG

    Ouch. Surprised they haven’t retracted the article yet.

  • I wouldn’t trust any site that claims that the next iPhone will be called the iPhone 5. That alone seems like more than enough reason to know they’re full of shit.

  • Master of Obvious

    ..hate it when people quote Steve Jobs’ like that. Anyway, sales are slipping at VZ (where they only promote LTE tech now), so be certain that Apple will announce an LTE phone (to avoid stock/confidence crisis) as soon as the bare minimum manufactured matches the spreadsheet equation balancing the loss at VZ with the loss of (most) non-VZ sales between the announcement of a new model and its delivery..given the reports manufacturing turned on last week..and how many they produce per can do the math for yourself. 🙂

  • Harry Bosch

    I for one am sick to death of Apples shenanigans when it comes to releasing a new product. The companies philosophy re: new products must have been written by an extreme Narcissist

  • N8nnc

    “Know Your Mobile” must have slept through 2011 and missed the shift from Summer to Fall iPhone announcements.

  • pawhite524

    What can possibly get someone so upset about Apple’s release of products. Did a betting “pool” get started where millions or billions will won for the right date? If so, why wasn’t I told so I could be ticked off at Apple too?!!!??!!!

  • Sharon_Sharalike

    Of course not. That’s the day the iPad Mini comes out. (code name Baby Bear. This one is “just right”)