Apple doubles its nearest Android competitor in market share

If you look at the chart below from Nielsen, you’ll see that Android has 51.8 percent of the smartphone market share and Apple has 34.3 percent.

Look at it again. Not a single Android-based smartphone even comes close to Apple’s market share. In fact, Apple doubles its nearest competitor, Samsung, which has 17 percent market share. Also consider that each of those manufacturers have a variety of smartphones available on the market at the same time. Apple has a couple of iPhones.

  • But Android is winning! 😛

    • Buckeyestar

      Only when you lump all android manufacturers together against iOS and it’s single manufacturer.

      • Bob

        (That was clearly facetious)

      • Well. I tend to think profit share is a better metric than market share, but he was being sarcastic.

        • Apple supporters tend to lean on profit, Android’ers lean on market.

          Pick your poison. The winner is the one that works for you.

          • MySchizoBuddy

            profit is real money. you do know that right.

            I can sell a bazillion phone and make $1 profit that is just stupid of me. If i sell just one phone and made $10 thats super smart of me.

            you seem to think the other way is also smart depending on perspective. seriously.

          • I’m all for profit as I run a for profit company but for the sake of the foolish argument of “Who’s winning?” you’ll find profit touted by Apple fans and market touted by Android.

            That was my only point, not whether or not profit matters.

  • And Windows 7 was never able to catch up to Windows Mobile.

    • Mike N.

      I just saw this same data on Asymco. What shocked me was that people are still buying Windows Mobile phones.

    • chjode

      That’s a really interesting observation! I wonder if Windows Phone 8 will be more readily available.

      • JohnDoey

        It has nothing to do with being readily available. Windows Phone 7 is simply less popular than Windows Mobile 6. There were many v7 phones to buy and Microsoft spent hundreds of millions of dollars promoting them. Consumers bought fewer v7 phones.

      • MySchizoBuddy

        There are more Windows 7 phones on the market than the entire iphone line from iphone 1 to today.

  • Yeah, Android manufacturers will never beat Apple alone in marketshare. That’s just the nature of the beast.

    I bet you’d be hard pressed to find a single PC manufacturer that beats Apple in marketshare, unless you nix the iPad from the argument but even then it may be a hard battle for any of them individually.

    • If you don’t consider the iPad, then In the U.S. HP and Dell are both ahead of Apple in marketshare. Worldwide, there’s also Acer, Asus, and Lenovo ahead of Apple, in addition to HP and Dell.

      If you include the iPad, I think HP is still ahead, but I may be mistaken, since I haven’t checked the numbers.

      • I hadn’t either. Just a thought I figured may be true. 🙂

      • Jwcorey

        It’s not ahead.

        And any time you say “If you remove the winner of the race, then the second place guy would be the winner”… you’re right. How would you not be?

        • You’re correct. The estimates for iPad sales this last quarter would put it WELL ahead of everyone else. Hell, iPad sales alone dwarf everyone else’s worldwide sales, if the estimates are to be believed.

          And I’m not suggesting it’s a good method of analysis. I was merely following up on what John mentioned. I’m not going to argue that we should be ignoring the iPad numbers. I was merely pointing out what the numbers are if you choose to do so.

      • JohnDoey

        If you include iPad (and there is no sensible rationale for not including it) then Apple and HP have traded off being the biggest over the past couple of quarters. However, HP sales are down 12% year over year and Apple is up over 200%, so Apple will take a clear lead this year. Within 2–3 years, OS X will ship more units than NT.

        • SamuraiArtGuy

          But.. But.. But.. iPads aren’t…PHONES.

          [ Sarcasm on ]

  • In marketshare, it is.

    • That was supposed to be a reply to Dave [above] about “winning”.

  • Teranova

    The proportions in the graphic are wildly out. How is RIM 9% if Apple is 34%? The graph suggests RIM is about 25%

    • @ChristoDeluxe

      They sized the columns based on the width of the text in them. That’s SCIENCE!

      • MySchizoBuddy

        Apple just need to come up with a really long name and beat Android. According to Nielsen. Pretty simple.

    • Looks a bit like Nielsen has difficulty representing proportions.

    • Bob

      I noticed the same thing. Way out of proportion!

    • Bob Whipple

      +1 If the purpose of a graph is to give a proportional representation of ratios… this one is the worst I have seen…

    • Jwcorey

      Nice to see the guy who does graphs for Fox News is still getting contracts.

    • Fixed the chart.

    • Here’s a graph that is proportionally correct. I made one assumption. Their total percentage is 99.8, but the values in the Windows Mobile column add up to 3.2% so I’m assuming the Windows Mobile share should be 3.2% which makes the total percentage add up to 100.

      Also, I didn’t have time to add the text.

      • JohnDoey

        Another good version would be one that shows only Apple, Samsung, and HTC, because all of the other companies are already dead. They are unprofitable and in the phone market, nobody comes back from that. So the next step is for these companies to admit they are dead one-by-one, and their users have already said that 75% are buying iPhone next time.

        • GadgetDon

          Motorola has legs – it’s a name people recognize, and it’s got a sugar daddy to ensure it lives on and may be able to release phones with latest Android version before anyone else.

    • JohnDoey

      Yes. Total fail.

    • Yeah, the size of RIM’s box is larger than Samsung’s which is almost twice the marketshare. WTF.

  • Domicinator

    I can’t help but find it troubling…..I’m an admitted Apple fanboy. I don’t think any one company should control the market, but I wish Apple had a bigger piece of it.

    • JohnDoey

      If you have a problem with Apple going from 0% to 32% smartphone share within 5 years, then you literally need to take a pill. Apple literally has the only phone people want to buy. Apple is only available maybe in half of the world’s phone stores. When they arrive in a new store, the Android sales fall significantly and iPhone becomes the most popular phone immediately.

      It could not be better for Apple than it is. There is no way to better dominate a market than they are currently doing. They have the top 5 most-popular smartphones of all time (iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, 3G, original, in that order) and they have the only successful native C/C++ app platform on ARM architecture, the only successful ARM PC, the only phone with a working software update system, the biggest ARM OS installed base (iOS is bigger than Android of you count all systems that run both,) the best developer tools, and a billion other advantages that Apple themselves carved out with hard work over the last 15 years.

      Most of the phone makers in that chart are unprofitable. No phone maker has ever regained profitability. Cross out all but Apple, Samsung, and HTC. Everyone else is already dead. Most of the non-Samsung Android users will go to iPhone — they have been surveyed, and that is what they want next. The phone market has been killed off and it is now a larger iPod market, and Apple is as dominant in iPods as ever.

  • Dave Brandt

    I’d like to see the corresponding graph for that competitive tablet market…

    • I’m sure you’ll see one soon.

      • Dave Brandt

        Good. I think the tablet comparisons are more pertinent because of the difference in business models between the companies. Since Google gives away the OS and Apple sure as hell doesn’t, Google needs to depend on subsequent business in some way. Their business is advertising. So they need Android to help drive their money-making business.

        Well, data is starting to come out to the effect that the majority of the mobile commerce business is now coming from tablets instead of smartphones!

        This is despite the number of Android activations that Google likes to talk about.

        (I have an iPad but it has never been activated since it is wi-fi only, but I use it rather than my iPhone for commerce.)

        We know that “tablets” is, in essence, a code word for iPads; it’s that dominant.

        All this chatter about the number of Android activations doesn’t tell us anything about the number of Android tablets in use — or in use for commerce.

    • The what market?

  • JohnDoey

    Asymco made their own chart from the data, and it is much better.

  • PimpLucious

    When all else fails change the metric. It was not even a year ago when Android was supposedly slowing while ios was gaining according to the usual suspects looking at Nielsen numbers. Now that the numbers don’t show that at all, Android has to be broken down by manufacturer in order to compare. Wonder what will be used when Samsung alone overtakes Apple.

    • melgross

      That’s incorrect. If you look at the numbers over time, you will see that Apple’s marketshare rose 5.83% Android’s rose 5.41%. Apple’s rise is higher than Android’s. You must measure increases or decreases in percentage for the previous one, not the absolute number.

      An example would be that one company went from a 20% marketshare to a 23% marketshare. Another went from 40% to 45%. Which one increased marketshare by a greater percentage? The first one. The two percentages of marketshare have come closer together.

  • iPad=Netbook_Killer

    Wall Street believes that Apple will lose out in the long run because iOS is closed unlike Android. Eventually we’ll see Android smartphones selling for around $25 and Wall Street thinks this is a good thing. Android devices will supposedly be able to undercut all Apple iOS devices and render them irrelevant. Somehow Wall Street missed the fact that although Nokia at one time had the largest cellphone market share, Nokia is now practically out of business. Android devices overall are not profitable so I don’t know why such a big deal is made out of Android’s major market share. Apple is taking the major profit share with much smaller market share and although Wall Street thinks this won’t last, Apple seems to making more smartphone profits every quarter.

    Android is winning in the number of units sold, but so what? Dozens of companies are competing for Android market share with only Samsung being profitable. How long can that go on before the other companies give up. If that what it means to be a winner, then maybe winning shouldn’t be the goal. Businesses remain successful due to profits, not necessarily market share.

  • Dave B.

    I see a big 3 taking 90% of smartphone market. I call Apple and Samsung as being in top 3 for next 5 years. Who will be number 3? Will Googerola and Microsoft eat their own young?

  • I think Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 will overtake iphone!

  • SamuraiArtGuy

    I am looking at that graph… and wondering… WHAT FRAKKIN’ SCALE ARE THEY USING??? REVERSE LOGARITHMIC???

    Android should take up about half the horizontal space @ 51% Apple Half the rest @ 34% Blackberrry about a third of the remainder And Palm ought to be no wider than a vertical line…

    Terrible Graphic.

  • SamuraiArtGuy

    Guess it’s the same science Republican Senators use to describe Climate Change and Taxation Policy

  • SamuraiArtGuy

    Oh, MUCH better….