One announcement away from destroying the Nexus

Abdel Ibrahim:

But unfortunately for Amazon and Google, as good as their impending tablets are shaping up to be, Apple’s got something up its sleeve, too.

I agree with Abdel on Google, but not as much with Amazon. When Apple releases its smaller iPad, all tablet manufacturers are going to feel the heat — there is no doubt in my mind about that. However, I believe people purchase the Amazon products for a different reason. They buy into the Kindle brand as opposed to just purchasing a tablet. While some people may choose to buy the smaller iPad, many will continue to buy the Kindle because it does the one thing they really want from it — read books.

  • @ChristoDeluxe

    I agree about Amazon’s e-ink Kindle line, since those are dedicated reading devices with a whole different experience than any tablet device (e-ink screen, lighter than a paperback, month-long battery, etc..).

    I think that the Fire product is at risk as any Android tablet if Apple releases a 7″ iPad — the Fire is a media consumption device better suited to video and apps, not an e-reader, so I don’t think it’s protected by a large niche market like e-ink Kindles.

  • I’m not sure Amazon cares so much about the Fire as they do people buying their media from Amazon. If Fire sales tanked because everyone was buying iPad Jrs., or Nexii, they’d kill the product and move on.

    • Relentlessfocus

      I agree. Amazon has an easy to implement and obvious plan B.

  • My experience has been that people I know have been interested in the Fire as a less expensive iPad competitor. While I agree that the Fire shouldn’t be viewed as an iPad competitor, a lot of people are viewing it as such.

    Those same people will jump all over a $200-$300 smallish iPad.

  • christopher rizzo

    “When Apple releases its smaller iPad”

    Smaller iPad has been officially confirmed! Jim’s word is as good as Cook taking the stage.

    • Buckeyestar

      Lol, I was thinking the same thing. When did we start assuming the iPad Nano (I prefer this term over iPad Mini)’is a forgone conclusion? Don’t get me wrong, I’d flock to an iPad Nano (can one person flock?), but I am still only cautiously optimistic about its release.

      • xynta_man

        The iPod Touch is an iPad nano, lol. They could rename it, when Apple won’t the see the point in propping-up the iPod brand.

        • Buckeyestar

          Doesn’t work for me. I already have an iPhone. I want something larger. But sometimes I wish the iPad had a Kindle sized version.

  • Nick

    Everybody I’ve spoken to who bought a Fire did so because they thought that the iPad was too expensive. Ironically, I think that these purchases hurt Apple not because they lose a sale, but because they sour folks on the tablet as a general concept.

    • Interesting idea. If your direct experience with a class of product turns you off, you’d need that much more convincing to buy another. However, the near ubiquity of the iPad takes care of thy to some extent.

    • xynta_man

      You could be right, but their is also another angle to this “problem”: people that were “burned” with bad user experience on Android devices sometimes jump ship to Apple’s devices, at least this sometime happens with smartphone, don’t know about tablets.

  • Not like Apple needs any help is deciding what to build and what not to build, if they are indeed building an 8″ pad, I would think that it would be cool it had a screen tech that mimics e-ink, making it dead simple to be a full fledged tablet and ereader. But that’s just me spitballing.

    • xynta_man
      it would be cool it had a screen tech that mimics e-ink

      Nope, it wouldn’t. E-ink screens are total garbage in theirself, they are only tolerable (by some people) in dedicated reading devices for their unique qualities, which help it mimic paper and reduce battery consumption (which helps make the device thinner, lighter and cheaper). All of the “hybrid” display technologies fell on their face, since they degrade the experience of using the “regular LCD mode” to the point of being totally worthless. Google for “transflective” LCDs and the “Notion Ink Adam” tablet, that utilized one of those.

      • Yeah, thanks for that, but that’s why it was me “spitballing”. But do go on about technology as if it nevers changes.

  • I couldn’t disagree with him more. The Nexus line wil only be killed by litigation and Apple is hard pressed to succeed there. The Fire line is too tied into Amazon for Apple to destroy it.

    His title is sensationlism at its best but the basic premise of his argument is that a smaller iPad will suddenly make everyone ignore what is touted as a great tablet [Nexus] and an equal footing ecosystem [Amazon/Kindle].

    • matthewmaurice

      I couldn’t disagree with you more. Android tablets have repeatedly failed to gain any traction in the market. Apple didn’t need litigation to kill the Xoom line, and it’s arguable that they didn’t need it to kill the Galaxy Tab line. The Nexus 7 is essentially an admission that Android can’t compete with the [9.7″] iPad, so Google is going after Amazon and the Kindle Fire, the irony of that internecine war must amuse the Ghost of Steve Jobs immensely.

      As for whether Jim’s premise is correct, if he’s wrong, it will likely only be in that it didn’t take a smaller iPad to “make everyone ignore what is touted as a great tablet [Nexus] and an equal footing ecosystem [Amazon/Kindle].” They may very well do it on their own.

      However, if Apple decides to give Google a dose of their own medicine and enter the 7[.85″] tablet market (which I now believe they will), they will completely and utterly destroy the non-iOS tablet market the same way they completely and utterly destroyed the non-iPod personal music player market.

      • I don’t disagree on other Android tablets failing but this is the Nexus. Nexus devices have historically done well and everyone, including Android “haters” [read: Gruber, to start with], have given props to the Nexus 7. It is a different animal.

        I was saying Abdel was wrong in his premise.

        I don’t doubt anything Apple puts out will sell well but in no way will it destroy the Nexus which will already have millions sold by the time Apple releases anything, IMHO.

        • matthewmaurice

          Are you’re saying that the only good, or at least commercially viable, Android tablet is a Nexus tablet? Well, so far the Fire holds that title, I agree that the Nexus “will already have millions sold by the time Apple releases anything”, but only in that it will sell more than 1 million. Which, as far as we know, isn’t even as many units as the Fire sold in it’s first quarter, although to be fair that was a Holiday quarter. More importantly, I repeat my prediction that after Apple releases a 7[.85]” tablet the Nexus 7 is as dead as the Xoom and Galaxy 10.1. Of course, I also believe that the Nexus 7 won’t outsell even the Kindle Fire or it’s successors.

          Bottom line, I don’t think Google can compete for consumers with Amazon. They just don’t get consumer products or the vast majority of people. Second, I believe that Apple does, and when (I no longer believe it’s a matter of “if”) they enter the 7″ space they will suck what little remaining oxygen exists in the tablet market.

          The rest of the summer will be an interesting period, and the holiday quarter will be a market analysts dream!

          • Oh no, I absolutely didn’t mean to say the 7 is the only successful Android tablet. The Fire has done EXTREMELY well and only speculation has lended ear to sales slowing. I have a Nexus 7 on the way and am still considering a Fire purely because…well, I’m a gadget freak but more importantly I’m heavily into the Amazon ecosystem.

            As for the rest, we simply disagree and that’s ok.

            The best part…consumers win with lower priced and better tablets on the market.

  • Aetles

    How nice of Abdel Ibrahim to steal the rendering made by CiccareseDesign and strip away the copyright info. You can actually see the traces of the badly erased iPhone that was in the original image.