More ways the iPad can’t create cool things

Wes Ball goes through his workflow during the production of his short film, RUIN.

Incredible video, but if you go to about 1:30 he talks about using the iPad to create the trees for the project (Yes, I said create).

  • I turned my volume all the way up and still can barely make out his voice.

    • Franko65

      ditto. Had to scrape myself from the ceiling after Mail app announced new email. o.O

      What’s all this create mumbo jumbo? “Pundits” have said one cannot create content with the iPad; they wrote it so it must be true!

  • This is bizarre. Has Jim heard a rumour he might not be invited to the next big Apple keynote?

  • KT

    It is quite popular short film CG animation project and several of those trees that you saw in the film were made on iPad.

  • If they really did it with the help of iPad, then they did an impressive job, for sure.

  • “If”? Did you not watch the video where the guy clearly and extemporaneously says he made the trees in iPad, says what app he used, and talked about how he put them back into the project? Or are you calling him a liar?