Judge: Samsung ‘not as cool’ as Apple

Samsung Electronics defeated Apple in the latest spat in the rivals’ patent wars when a British judge ruled Samsung’s Galaxy tablets did not infringe the U.S. company’s designs for the iPad because they were “not as cool”.

I laughed. Hard.

  • Even better…being uncool is now a legal defense! We geeks can now do whatever we want and just say “well, sorry, but since I’m not cool, I had to….” 🙂

  • Steven Fisher

    I’d have no problem with this ruling if it wasn’t close enough to confuse people.

    My mom bought a brand new Gingerbread phone and came to me for questions. She thought her frustrations with it would be the same on an iPhone, so she was about to write off all smartphones because of the experience.

    I convinced her to get an iPhone instead, and she’s quite a bit happier with text entry (for example).