Apple responds to ‘Find and Call’ spam app

Apple on Thursday responded to complaints that an app called “Find and Call” was spamming users after it was installed.

“The Find & Call app has been removed from the App Store due to its unauthorized use of users’ Address Book data, a violation of App Store guidelines,” an Apple representative told The Loop.

The app would apparently ask the user for permission to access the contacts and then would send messages to every phone number and email address it could find.

  • MacsenMcBain

    That was fast.

  • To make a point that they aren’t taking any crap, Apple should remote wipe the app from devices and revoke the developer ID.

    • I was wondering if this might be the first app to trigger Apple’s remote kill switch. It seems like a good candidate.

      • I was wondering this exact thing. Wouldn’t now be the right time to execute this?

  • TomCrown

    This is a developer that is inherently skeeve and nothing at all to do with holes in iOS or the app store process.

  • Joshua Hamilton

    How does something like this even get approved?