RIM CEO: ‘There is nothing wrong with the company’

Research In Motion Ltd Chief Executive Thorsten Heins said on Tuesday there is nothing wrong with the company as it exists now, denying the maker of BlackBerry smartphones is in a “death spiral.”

Clearly they’re screwed.

  • He can not say anything else, he has to prepare an exit strategy for company. If he would undermine the value of company, he would hurt the shareholders much more. He has an obligation

  • RIM will be fine. This time next year, everyone will be typing on buttons again, and people will also have keyboards hooked up to to tablets with kickstands. You heard it here first.

  • “Remain calm! ALL IS WELL!!”

  • So Thorsten says he, you know, ‘kind of’ took over RIM? I wonder what the hell that pussyfooting means. 

  • Gregz0r

    Jobs came back to Apple and told it exactly how it was. Heins resembles the Iraqi Information Minister, claiming “the war is being won”, as US tanks rolled into Baghdad.

  • I want what he is smoking.

  • RIM has its own Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf.

  • bluewing

    When I read the name Thorsten Heins associated with these comments the character Thurston Howell, III popped into my head.

  • Steven Fisher

    RIM will be fine. They will transition to patent troll. Their employees and customers, on the other hand, are screwed.

  • I can’t recall a time when so much ignorance at the executive level of a company was put on display, and done so with the frequency with which RIM does it.

    If they aren’t going to do anything to fix the problem, they at least need to shut the hell up about the fact that they don’t intend on fixing a problem they clearly don’t know they have.

  • lucascott

    Wow. Something has a stronger RDF than Apple could ever produce.

  • John W Baxter

    I take it that shareholder lawsuits are different in Canada from what they are in the US.

  • Mike S.

    The vitriol for RIM is just sad. Why can’t people at least let them get out their new BB’s before piling on the criticism?

    Yes they dropped the ball. Yes they are late with their new phones. Everyone knows that. Why all the hate? Thorsten is trying to put the best face on a terrible situation and people act like he set fire to a school bus full of kindergarten kids and puppies.

    • Putting “the best face” on the situation compounds the denial and evasion that brought about RIM’s current situation in the first place. It’s dishonest to investors, consumers, and employees. At least Nokia’s Stephen Elop was honest enough to discuss the company’s problems without resorting to mealymouthed language.

      Yes, it is indeed sad that RIM’s newest chief doesn’t feel a need to be candid with anyone.

    • That’s not vitriol, that’s objective fact.

      When your company has lost 95% of its value in 4 years, something is very badly wrong with it.

      And when you’ve announced yet another delay in shipping your flagship product (delays which are the main factor in the above), while also cutting one-third of your workforce, you’re dealing with a death spiral.

      You don’t combat delays by throwing fewer resources at the problem.

  • Nate

    One wonders how much control Mr. Heins has. He was hand-picked by the Co-CEOs and has little relevant experience. He seems flattered to have been promoted. And Lazaridis is still on the board.

    Balsillie and Lazaridis bailed out just in time, dumping the company on this nice, but woefully unprepared, guy. They should have brought in an LBO guy to liquidate the company, someone with M&A experience, or, if they still believed the company could be saved, someone with consumer electronics experience.

  • Gonji

    It’s only a flesh wound.