A weekend with Chrome on iOS

We took Chrome for iOS for a spin this weekend, tucking Safari into a folder and using Chrome exclusively on the iPhone and iPad. By Monday morning, Safari was back in the dock.

It’s the details that frustrate people.

  • EzraWard

    For me it was the JavaScript performance that led me back to Safari. If I wasn’t a techie and didn’t know about the difference in JS performance, I may still be using Chrome. You can tell it’s definitely slow on JS heavy sites.

  • The majority of the reports I’ve seen have been minor like this. That’s a good thing for El Goog.

  • I agree with the article mostly – the biggest gripe I have is the inability to set as the default browser.

    But as someone who uses Chrome on the Mac, having all my browser tabs available (desktop, phone, ipad) is incredibly convenient.

  • And you should mention that these “details” can not be solved because of Apples App Store restrictions! Also that Chrome for iOS is just an wrapped UIWebView, so it can’t use the Nitro Engine and can never be as fast as Mobile Safari.

    You should clearly point out, that this is Apples “fault”

  • sams0n1te

    The problem with Apple fanboyishm is the lack of understanding the context, understanding cause and effect.

    It will be intresting to see whem comes the point where people are not willing to accept these Apple details. Sabotage other browsers, having to get out of ebook app to buy book.

    Apple is showing more and more balance towards form over function. New maps, sorry 3D flyover while it is pretty, it is completely useless. Total waste of time and resouces. Unless you are a bird.

    Then the podcast app. It seems that Jims, Johns and Marcos of apple fanboys newer walk or drive. The app is complete disaster with UI. All elements are too small to handle while moving. In opening view there is no way to know what you have to listen.

    Then there is the real player metafor. While pretty it makes no sense in context. And how many people in 20-30 have even seen or heard of real player. Is this the silent signal that tells us that all success has turned apple looking inwards. Looking back instead of future. Producing gaddgets for old people.