San Diego school district buys 26,000 iPads

I love seeing schools using the latest technology to teach students.

  • 26,000. That is a lot of Consuming.

  • rwitt

    Hate to be cynical about something like this, but sure I’ll be cynical. This is great advertising for Apple. 26,000 kids using iPads at school are 26,000 kids more likely to buy Apple products in the future. One of the big perks of being in the education market.

    • lucascott

      Given that Apple is the only company so far that has actually reached out to the textbook companies, that has included features to lock down the iPads to avoid game plan (and even more with iOS 6) etc I’d say they earned a little extra advertising.

      What’s said are some of the comments on the original article. Like the fact that folks didn’t even read the part about how this is being funded by money that was legally set up to only be spent on tech, which is why it isn’t being used to pay teachers etc. If they have an issue with that then they need to go to the Cali government and have them cut that use and force it for salaries. Until then, schools will continue to use it the way it has been set up

  • Agreed.