Apple store boosts sales of surrounding businesses

Sales at restaurants, stores and other outfits rose 7.5 % between December and March compared to the same time frame ending in March 2011, Nancy Marshall, director of Grand Central development at the MTA, said.

[Via Techie Buzz]

  • While this may sound like good news, it doesn’t say where the 7.5% loss was. I’m sure lots of shops that may have previously had more business near Grand Central are feeling the downside.

    • What “loss” does the article mention?

      Grand Central Terminal is surrounded by a very high-traffic area. I’d be willing to bet that any street-level businesses that aren’t doing as well have other factors to consider.

      • It doesn’t mention any loss because it’s coming from MTA PR directly. I’m not trying to be negative but it’s only telling the story of vendors inside Grand Central.

        • I think you’re positing direct 1:1 relationships in business increases/dropoffs where there probably aren’t any. Especially considering how many of the shops inside the Terminal are about relatively high-priced goods and services.

    • EVula

      You’re talking about a massive transportation hub. The 7.5% increase in sales at Grand Central Station could have been “lost” from all over the city. For example, forty people deciding to buy a meal near the Apple store could be a single non-customer for forty other restaurants, making that a very, very small impact for them.

      You’re looking for bad news where there really is none.