Bento 4 for iPad now available

FileMaker on Tuesday introduced Bento 4 for iPad, a new version of the personal database software. The new version of Bento is normally priced at $9.99, but has been discounted to $4.99 as a special promotion until August 1st.

The new release makes it easier than ever to create new databases by including 25 built-in templates especially designed for iOS. 40 themes are included which provide coordinated backgrounds, fonts and shading for custom database creation. And access to FileMaker’s online “Bento Template Exchange” is now integrated, making it easier to find templates that other users have created. The Exchange currently hosts more than 1,000 free templates from Bento and FileMaker users.

New methods of displaying data have been added, including the spreadsheet-style Table View, which can include calculations, Split View and Full Screen view. Encrypted fields are now supported, so you can add passwords, account numbers and other sensitive information which can be locked down using a password. GPS location can also be added as a field as well. Other new features include highlighted search results, a record slider, and the ability to sort on multiple fields.

Bento 4 for iPad can also be synchronized using Bento 4.1 for Mac (released as a free compatibility update). FileMaker has also discounted Bento 4.1 for Mac to $29.99, down from $49.99. It’s available from the Mac App Store and FileMaker’s Web site.

(Bento 4 has been posted as a new application on the App Store – users of previous Bento for iPad releases are required to buy the new version to upgrade.)

  • kvanh

    Still no charting? Grrr

  • Ben G

    Bento for iPad sucks. They are misleading about what it can and cannot do. I bought it several months ago after reading about the features on the website, then found out it can’t actually do a lot of the stuff that they lead you into thinking it can do (it can’t, for instance, do some basic things that the damn built-in Contacts app can do). Plus, if they even get around to adding the completely obvious features that it should have had since day 1 they want to charge you for it! Give me a break. I haven’t looked lately, but if they haven’t put comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and demonstration videos for Bento iPad on their website they should — otherwise they are making a shady sale by suggesting that is has the ability to do things that it simply can’t do. I will never buy anything from those guys again.

    • Your Mom

      Well Ben, They have done all of that stuff so maybe you should do your research instead sounding like a complete asshole.

    • Sam

      Agree. Training sucks. Customer service does too. Could be such a phenomenal product

  • Albert

    Bento seems to suck in general. Very poor documentation, worthless tutorial, help file is totally worthless. Then I find out today that it won’t link emails to the email list field if you are using the latest version of OSX Mountain Lion, of course they don’t tell you this until after you buy it. I wanted to do a very simple thing. Use it to track deals by logging phone calls and emails, making notes of calls, and setting follow ups. After one whole very frustrating day, I finally gave up. If it will do this simple CRM task, I’d like to know about it. STAY CLEAR OF ALL FILEMAKER PRODUCTS!!