The Loop turns 3

It’s hard to believe, but three years ago today I started The Loop. We’ve gone through a lot of changes since then, many of the biggest in the last year.

I suppose the most significant change the site has seen was moving from a cluttered ad-filled design to a clean, mostly text site. I removed 99 percent of the ads on the site and joined The Deck Network, which allowed the site to run with only one small ad.

Peter Cohen, my best friend and colleague of the last 20 years, has continued to help a great deal on the site with his writing and advice. I can’t thank him enough. This year we also added Your Mac Life’s Shawn King to The Loop, bringing a different perspective to the posts you see on the site everyday.

With the site design changes I also launched a membership option for readers. I know that $3 a month doesn’t sound like a lot, but it helped me buy new servers and have the site on one of the best content delivery networks in the world. These changes brought page load times down from over 10 seconds to 1 second in many parts of the world.

A membership doesn’t offer you fancy gifts or coupons, but it’s not about that. It’s about supporting independent writing. Thank you for your support.

My biggest thanks goes out to you, the reader. By helping to spread the word about what we do here at The Loop, traffic has increased, sponsorships from companies and independent developers have increased and we are successful.

Thank you.


  • Congratulations, Mr. D. Happy to see good work rewarded.

  • While, I am relatively new to your site, it has become one of my must-visit sites each day. Congratulations to you and your contributors for creating a consistently enjoyable and level-headed destination.

  • MacMarcus

    Congrats, Jim. Always appreciate your thoughts and posts, even if you did not invite me to your party 🙁

  • Congrats Jim!! Looking forward to another 3.

  • Congrats brother.

  • DocRoss

    Felicitations and Congratulations!

  • Thomas

    Happy 3’rd … amazing how quickly they grow up 🙂

  • swotam

    Congratulations Jim.

  • Pete

    Congrats beard.

  • Congratulations, Jim – and here’s a bottle of virtual Heineken to drink as a toast!

  • Player_16

    Good on ya! Congrats.

  • “This year we also added Your Mac Life’s Shawn King to The Loop, bringing a different perspective…” sniff…I LOVE YOU MAN!

  • Jim H

    Wow. Three years already? It seems just like yesterday you and Peter ere still writing at Macwo.. who was that again? Tempus fugit dude. Good job to both you and Peter, I love both of your writing styles and honest opinions on things. Jim

  • Congratulations! Looking forward to many more!

  • Congrats, Jim and Peter. I love coming to The Loop.

  • spiritguitar

    Congrats, oh bearded one. May the Force (and the Spirit) be with you.

  • Many congratulations – keep up the good work – see you next week at WWDC

  • His Shadow


  • Congrats, Jim and Pete

  • Congratulations!

  • Congratulations! Jim, Peter and Shawn. Keep up the good work.

  • Jim, Peter and Shawn,

    here’s to many more years!

    Thanks for your great work.

  • good like